Monday, August 25, 2008

gocco swap: mission accomplished

i did it! i have completed my gocco cards for the swap. although  here this morning, at the eleventh hour, i decided to add some watercolor to the fish ones and then they had to dry. but, they are now, as we speak, residing in little puffy white envelopes at the local post office. it is such a relief to have them sent! i've only rec'd three so far from my swap group, so i'm not feeling THAT guilty, but it was just really unnecessary for me to wait. why do i procrastinate, especially when i LOVE doing this kind of stuff?

here are the green fish cards with some of the watercolor:

i put my "signature" on the back--a martini glass with a small "j."
i have a whole collection of martini glass stamps.

here are the packages, all wrapped up and ready. 

i included one of each color of the viking ships (2 of the neutral because it was coolest) and one fish in green. one package has two fish cards in it (one in green, one in purple), as i strangely had an odd number of black viking ships. not sure how that happened. i decided to give everyone a taste of the different colors, rather than doing one-color packages. that's just what struck me as right this morning as i packed them up.

now, i'm anxiously watching my own mailbox to see what more goodness is headed my way! this swap was great fun! i love seeing the creativity on the swap's flickr as well! there are so many creative people out there! it's fun to be part of the group! at least once in awhile! ;-)


enchantedartist said...

Lovely cards...there's nothing like handmade. :)

Tin (ni Johann) said...

I love the Viking design! ^_^

julochka said...

EA--you're absolutely right. and these are so much fun to make!

tin--i just realized who you are! thank you again, so much, for selling me my fabulous gocco! it's so much fun!!!