Tuesday, August 05, 2008

a new parking structure

a very quick posting for today, since it's been a full day of work. i might have to do my assignment tomorrow when i get home. this evening, as we left our business dinner, we went to my colleague's car in the aker brygge P-hus. we were parked on the "athens" level. as we drove through a positive maze of twists and turns to get to the exit, i realized that this parking structure was definitely going to feature in my mall/parking structure dreams in the near future. it is complex beyond belief, with twists, turns, switchbacks, and narrow parking spaces. i can't find any pictures of it online and i didn't have my camera with me, but i'm not sure that pictures would convey it anyway. i'd need architectural drawings to properly show you what a labyrinth this place is and i couldn't find any of those either. i cannot even imagine what the designers were thinking. people must take wrong turns and bump their cars in there all the time. it's definitely the stuff of nightmares.

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