Sunday, August 24, 2008

sunday evening catch-up

it's been awhile since i was here. it was a busy week, what with traipsing around scotland and all--all for a business meeting which was supposed to last 1 hour, but which stretched to five and a half! thank goodness part of that was lunch! while i was in glasgow anyway, i squeezed in a haircut with the most fabulous hairdresser--she's now given me the two best haircuts i've ever had in my life. i'll have to take a picture as have thus far utterly failed to do so.

so, instead of my new hair, i give you my new shoes. they're el naturalista and i adore them, tho' i have no purple clothes whatsover, so they match nothing. they were just too fab to pass up.

and here's a shot of abbot's brae, where we stayed. although it looks rather fawlty towers, the couple who ran it were far, far from basil and cybil and we didn't see a single sign of manuel or polly. although very much off the beaten path (and far, far away from glasgow, where our meeting was), i would actually go back. with my husband and daughter, of course. someday.

the best way to reach glasgow was on a ferry, where i saw this rather humorous sign. i love the phrase "monkey island." i didn't try to go there. didn't really see the officer of the watch, or i might have asked.

45 minutes waiting for the ferry was just enough time for one of these. an ice cold tennant's.

since i got home, it's been panic on poppelvej, trying to finish or have the house finished enough for the party next saturday. we moved the dining table into the dining room today and ate our dinner at the actual table! that was wonderful. books go on the shelves tomorrow and the big buffet goes in on the far end. as soon as the electrician has been here.

this sign was right next to the monkey island one on the ferry, but i thought it appropriate.

we must remember this the next time we are about to spend hundreds of dollars on legos. child + cardboard box = hours of cheap fun. ok, this wasn't that cheap, since 4 hans j. wegner chairs came in these boxes, but the concept is good.

and to take a little break from all the hard work (that downstairs bathroom is small, but it took FOREVER to clean it!) i finally finished up my cards for the gocco swap. but weren't you supposed to be finished on the 21st, you ask? why, yes, i was, but i procrastinated and only did it today, but i will be sending them tomorrow!  don't the inks look beautiful? i was mixing green and pearly blue. first time i tried that--super fun!

the used lightbulbs looked so pretty sitting on sabin's desk on top of her colorful mandalas.

since i live in denmark, i had to do a viking ship, tho' the one i modeled it on is in norway. i figured that was ok since i actually work in norway. and who knows, maybe we'll move there soon?! here's the inked screen. there's just something about that glistening ink that makes me happy!

and stacks of cards drying on the racks.

i'll be sending them off tomorrow to my swap mates. i've gotten a couple of packages of goodies from my swap group and i can't wait to see what else i'll get!  i don't really know why i procrastinated it, it was so much fun! and it's even more fun getting little packages of other people's creativity in the mail.

i'll keep you all posted on the house progress this week, as aside from an editorial for marine electronics and a quick (work) story arising from last week's trip, i'm going to be painting and putting all of our stuff into place this week.


Unknown said...

Your pictures are so great. The viking cards look so cool, too. And the little card drying racks? Those would be so useful.

tangobaby said...

1. I love your shoes.
2. That place totally looks like Fawlty Towers and even though you didn't witness any bad behavior, I hope you mentioned the resemblance of the place.
3. I am still very happy for you about your hair, because nothing makes a person's mental outlook brighter than knowing their hair looks fantastic.
4. I love all of your little crafty things and am really impressed by your industry and zeal. I don't even feel a tiny bit bad that I still am not sure what a gocco is and I like your martini stamps.
5. Sabin is my kind of girl. Anyone that can play in a big box is my kind of girl.
6. I have to admit that I am quite sad that you did not go to Monkey Island, even though I had never heard of it until about 30 seconds ago. You need to realize that going to places like this is very important for other people who live vicariously through blogs.

Welcome back! I still have my puffy white envelope on my desk and it makes me happy.

julochka said...

hi nik--the drying racks came with my gocco. i don't know what i'd do without them. the cards would definitely take up far more space while they're drying!

TB (that's not a very nice thing to call you, is it?)--i didn't quite dare mention the fawlty towers thing to the couple, tho' i mentioned it to everyone else i encountered. they were just so nice, i didn't want them to think i was insulting them!

and a gocco is a little japanese screen printer. riso, the company that makes it, keeps saying they're going to stop production, but i think it's just to scare people like me into hoarding supplies. which was quite an effective little ploy, i will say. the tubes of ink are stacking up under my desk as we "speak."