Monday, August 25, 2008

party preparations

to do this week:
  1. send off cards for gocco swap!
  2. scan and post last pages from steadyhandfaultyheart art journal course.
  3. empty two front bedrooms of all boxes.
  4. put away contents of said boxes.
  5. order window cleaner to come and do the windows.
  6. finish painting stairs.
  7. oil treatment on all kitchen/dining room window sills.
  8. make a bunch of pillows for the upstairs bench.
  9. write editorial for marine electronics.
  10. write feature for tanker update.
  11. invoices.
  12. turn fabulous skinny la minx patchwork into curtain artwork (as soon as it arrives)
  13. books on shelves in dining room.
  14. make room upstairs for MQ to sleep.
  15. make up guest beds.
  16. paint walls in writing house (if the boys get them put up).
  17. find fabulous recipe for barbeque sauce to slather on the whole hog we're roasting for the party.
  18. make said barbeque sauce.
  19. put away towels and sheets in new linen closet in upstairs bathroom.
  20. make new upstairs bathroom presentable.
  21. finish painting closet doors.
  22. throw away old ironing board.
  23. take all those bottles to recycling!
  24. stick fabulous skinny la minx protea decals on the wall in the kitchen.
  25. spread the wood chips in the upper garden.
  26. pick up parents and sister at airport.
  27. pick up rented dishes.
  28. make fabulous stuffed bread for party snacks.
  29. sew masses of cushions.
  30. hope fervently it doesn't rain on saturday!
  31. paint old købmandsdisk a lovely shade of turquoise.
  32. transfer all CDs to it.
  33. did i mention making pillows?
  34. find missing dibbern plates.
  35. make this place look like people live here!
  36. make ikea run for shelves.
  37. laundry.
  38. drawer liners.
and this is just MY list, husband has another huge one of his own with all of heavy constructions items on it! do you think we'll make it? at least we set expectations in the party invitation...we said, "ok, it's not totally finished, but it shall be done enough to party..." so hopefully no one stands on their head to see that i haven't yet painted the footboard under the big købmandsdisk in the kitchen.


d smith kaich jones said...

Oh man. I just wrote a post about MY life & having too much stuff to keep track of. What a wuss I am. I'm feeling so much less busy after reading YOUR list!

:) Debi

tangobaby said...

This list made me cry and it's not even my party. My mom and dad just visited for the weekend and we ate out and went to a museum and I'm still tired.

You must tell me what kind of vitamins you take. I think I must be a lot older than you are.

The fact that you are roasting a whole hog is WAY over the top. Promise you will take a picture of it!!!

julochka said...

debi--it is a rather overwhelming list. usually when i make a list like this, i put some things on it that i've already done, just for the satisfaction of seeing some ticked off, but not this time! arrgh!

TB--if i'm not already older than you, i definitely will be when this is all over. :-) heehee