Monday, August 11, 2008

what to do?

i've been trying to design a curtain all weekend to fit this space (i have to do it in 2 shots because i can't get the whole thing in in one (there's a bookshelf in the way):

it's the opening at the "old" end of our house, which used to be windows and which is now just a giant opening to our new room. it's a 350cm x 150 cm rectangle and i've had some pictures in my head of what i'd like to have to fill it, but haven't really been able to get those pictures out of my head and sewn into curtains. and then i saw this fabulousity on skinny laminx. so i commented, asking heather to make it 350 x 150 and sell it to me! i'm really excited that it might actually be possible, because then i can just make chair cushions and such with the fabric i've already bought for the curtain that wasn't coming out of my own head. her patchwork of her wonderful designs is exactly what i had in mind!!!

there's a shot of the view we'll be able to sit and look out at when the curtain is raised. upstairs is our bedroom and we want a curtain or a shade since below will be the dining room and we think it might be ok to have a bit of privacy once in awhile, tho' we don't want to really be able to close off like with windows. and it needs to look good from below, or from both sides, actually, because it will be a bit like a giant painting when it's down. or at least that's what i hope.

there's the dining room below. believe it or not, we expect it to be more or less finished by the end of this week! we've got workmen galore this week--they're tiling and "pudsing" and laying floors and finishing ceilings. it's the big countdown to the big party on august 30. 

i'm keeping my fingers crossed that heather can help!!!

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Mim said...

What Fab windows! I came here from Debi's blog. Love reading about Denmark.