Wednesday, August 27, 2008

the road to hell.. paved with good intentions.

and as the party looms before us, i can see all of my monday good intentions going out the window.

i'm now thinking things like:

  1. it's ok if the real floor isn't in the writing house and if the walls aren't painted.
  2. where can we stash boxes of crap out of sight because there's no time to sort through them and put them away?
  3. should we just take them to the dump since we haven't used them for a year anyway and didn't really miss them?
  4. my sister can help me take all those bottles to recycling when she gets here.
  5. mom can make the bread.
  6. and the sauce.
  7. do we really need to paint the doorframes one more time?
  8. cushions? who needs cushions?
  9. will anyone appreciate that i ironed the tea towels?
  10. why did i use precious time ironing tea towels?
do you think the guests would mind if we ask them to paint?


tangobaby said...

I blame Martha Stewart for your giant list of things to do and subsequent stress levels.

I'm glad you're looking at all of this normally again.

You'll never iron a tea towel again and be happier for it.


julochka said...

it IS martha's fault. she totally brainwashed me throughout the 90s....and i even still loved her when she went to prison. i'll admit i lost touch with her a bit, mostly because Living costs like $15 whenever i see it (usually in singapore) these days and that seems like too much for the news of the latest paint colors.

no more ironing tea towels. not even with my new ikea ironing board.

enchantedartist said... hell with Martha! (Sorry Martha!) :)

Take a deep breath...because no matter what this party will come, and everyone is going to have a fantastic time.


(And if it makes you feel better, I know someone who irons their teatowels too...)

tangobaby said...

I used to like Martha before I saw her on her tv show and she used to be so snotty to her mother.

I must say that I've made several of her recipes in the past and they were nothing special. So there!

julochka said...

speaking of martha, i'd better go stick a bottle of vodka in a bucket of water that's filled with flowers and get it in the freezer....we're gonna need some ice cold vodka at this party...if only to distract from the cobwebs in the corners of the old bit of the house...

Janni said...

What is a teatowel??? (en dækserviet måske??)


Ps. if it does not make your tea fall of the table, do not iron it...!

Anonymous said...

haha, no ironing tea towels. screw the latest paint colors in Living lol. i like your checklist; i think you've consolidated your workload considerably...and your stress level. hooray. great blog by the way. i have a feeling i'll be coming back

Unknown said...

There is so much to look at that is new and beautiful, the cobwebs will nevere be noticed. It's great you're having a party. Most of the additions I've done, people just go right on living, so glad to have their space back and too busy to stop and appreciate the milestone.