Tuesday, August 26, 2008

i should be asleep

..but i drank too much coffee and have been away from all my favorite blogs for almost a week! so, i'm up late, catching up. and i found the most amazing pictures of luxor, taken by my one blog friend who actually lives in the same country as me! :-) she's got a holga and a nikon as well (at least i think she has a nikon--anyway, a good SLR) and her pictures of her recent trip to egypt are totally awesome!!  go, look at them now. let me sleep.


enchantedartist said...

I love how richly she has captured the culture...WOW!

Sweet dreams....

Janni said...

Hi enchantedartist

Thank you! Nice to know that someone have actually been to my blog and seen my pictures. You are welcome back at any time :-)


Hi Julie hope you don't mind this message ;-)

tangobaby said...

Holy moly! Now I can do some really great work avoidance today!

What fantastic photos! Now I have wanderlust AND camera envy.