Wednesday, August 13, 2008

handwriting meme

in recent weeks i've seen a handwriting meme on a lot of the blogs that i read mary's and gwen's and magpie's, so when i hooked up to my old PC to scan some other things this evening (since my beautiful iMac will not recognize the HP printer/scanner as a scanner (it will print and copy, but no scan)) i scanned a few of the little notebooks that i obsessively carry around with me for the purpose of this meme. 

my little black moleskine contains my brain. it's got "to do" lists, funny quotes, speech notes, addresses, phone numbers, the ever-changing array of passwords for my various computers, avis wizard codes, and the like. the one i've copied here is filled and now retired and i'm about a dozen pages into a new one. that feels good, but i have to haul them both around for awhile until i get the most essential bits of my brain transferred from the old to the new.

this was speech notes for a welcome speech to one of my eLearning workshops last year.

this is from my precious little waves of inspiration blog notes notebook.
it got it from field & sea on etsy.
i love jennifer's stuff!
she's closed during august, but will be back in september.

oh, and the green reference to "titan uranus" above isn't just for fun, there's really a ship named that out there in the world!!  i had quite a laugh about that over beers one evening with a bunch of sailors (but i won't get into that here, this is a family blog. sort of.)

and now back to the notebooks...

more blog notes
i've actually filled one little notebook already and am on my second one.

this is a to-do list from april of '07
it probably should have been done in one day, but stretched over 2-3.
this is why i was exhausted and had to change jobs at the end of last year.

part of my whole notebook thing is also a colored pen thing. although 2 of these that i scanned were black, there are LOTS of colors in my little books. i carry a set of staedtler triplus fineliners with me at all times and have a thing about not using the same color two pages in  a row.  

i'm not sure what my handwriting says about me but i understand that you can analyze handwriting and tell a lot about a person. i'd like to try that sometime, but of course, i know what i'm like, so i'm not sure what good it would do. i do write fairly consistently, tho' the degree of messiness and legibility can change based on how much of a hurry i'm in and how many glasses of wine i might have consumed. 

what's your handwriting like? and yours? and i'd love to see yours!


Magpie said...

Cool - really fascinating - not just the handwriting, but the way the mind works. I make similar notebooks, though I don't keep them.

tangobaby said...

I saw this post yesterday and look forward to contributing to your interesting meme. The challenge will be for me to find a sample of my handwriting!

As I thought about it, I realized that I very rarely write anything down anymore. Everything I communicate is through a keyboard or a phone! I will have to do a little hunting, but it surprised me to realize that I do not leave my mark upon the world in this way anymore. When did that happen?

ps. There is a Uranus Street in the Upper Castro and every time I pass the sign I get all junior-highy and silly. So don't worry, you're not the only one. There is also a Beaver Street in the Castro, which I find particularly hilarious, given the majority of the residents of the Castro are fabulous gay men.

I'm sorry if I've compromised your family blog with my comment here.


julochka said...

magpie--fascinating how the mind works indeed. and perhaps a bit disturbing when i think about it, which i don't let myself do that often. ;-)

tangobaby--you do remember how to write, right?

and let's face it, it wasn't really a family blog. i just didn't want to go off on that big a digression. which is in itself strange. ;-)

tangobaby said...

Okay, I did my meme! Thank you!