Wednesday, November 26, 2008

a bit more balderdash

will someone please remind me why i have a job which requires that i fly to get there? oh wait, it's because it's a fantastic opportunity and i get to work on interesting things together with people who are motivated and who i really like to be around (all of which i really mean and am not trying to be sarcastic)...but still, i have to fly to get to it. commercial no less. and getting to the airport involves almost exactly an hour on a train from where i live. but that gave me plenty of time this morning to write a few more definitions for those verification words:

aquallar - that luminous, transparent turquoise blue of the sea off boracay.

subedi - pockets of no cellular service when the metro goes underground.

vemputis - an uncontrollable tendency to wear black or nearly-black nail polish.

terysol - a spray which should be used to freshen the air outside of office buildings where smokers gather now that smoking inside isn't allowed.

epoide - the portion of a t.v. program that's shown between commercials.

pedinges - the small splashes of nail polish that get on the cuticle by mistake and must be removed with a brush wetted with nail polish remover by the nice nail girl.

jibist - one who makes out as if they had no idea what their underlings were doing. example: ken lay was the very epitome of a jibist in the enron scandal.

i think i'm kind of on a roll here, but now i'm running out of words, so i'd better go comment on some blogs at collect some more.

i wish you all a wonderful thanksgiving. i'll be working tomorrow, since people on this side of the planet are curiously oblivious to the best holiday of all. i'm doing a turkey and all the fixins on friday tho', together with our very best friends. and for that, i am thankful.


tangobaby said...

You really need to do a dictionary of these. You have found a unique and useful talent!

Happy t-day!


ps. word for today is biladapp

Amanda said...

I am thankful for you, and will say so tomorrow around the table!

NO WAY! I just got the word eatontge as my verification! WAY!

Barb said...

Love this ... you're making me laugh right out loud with these creative descriptions. Loved the pedinges (nail polish splashes) one and the terysol - you're too funny.

Molly said...

totally hilarious...
LOVE vemputis - I suffer from this, on my toes...
and epoide is truly inspired, my one for this posting is caticana, which is the state I find myself when the epoide is so long that I'm busting to pee and wishing for a commercial break..

Jaime said...

Great post...what a creative girl you these definitions. I don't even have a favourite as they are all great.
Ok, but pedinges made me smile bigger.