Wednesday, November 05, 2008

fake americans prevail!

i have never been prouder to be a fake american. ever since i heard the news, i have had a lightness in my step and a song in my heart. in a celebratory mood, i bought mathilde some shoes that are one pair of only 500 made in the world (some skater brand from LA, starts with an "s," escapes me at the moment, i'm lame and old, so sue me EDITED:  it's Supra). and i bought myself this:

is that not just so extra cool? it will possibly also enable me to connect with my home planet when i'm on the road. :-) it will no doubt be fantastic (i'm trying to get off fabulous, i know i overused it) at the tangobaby cabinet meetings, tho' now we may not need her to be president in 2012 quite as much, because obama (i get goosebumps just saying his name) will surely have two terms.

seriously, watching just pictures, without sound, on CNN across the room in the club floor lounge, i get goosebumps all over my entire on my feet as well...i didn't even know you could get goosebumps on your feet. i loved when clinton was elected, but have to admit that the joy i felt then wasn't anything like this. this is the beginning of a whole new and exciting era. i actually feel proud to be an american for the first time in more than 8 years (more than 8 because it was bush + the monica lewinsky crapola, when frankly, who wouldn't have done what monica did, given the chance (sorry, hillary)). can you imagine, living outside your country and wincing a little bit every time your nationality came up? i had actually recently been mulling over applying for danish citizenship. now it looks like i won't need to. i don't have to hide my passport in shame anymore when i'm in line in the airport!

i've been overwhelmed today by congratulations emails and SMSes. it's so exciting and wonderful. it makes me so happy that both my in-person friends and my blog friends have been so kind and thought of me on this historic day! i wish we could all simultaneously raise a glass together, wherever we find ourselves in the world and toast in celebration. we did it, my fellow fake americans, and i am so proud of us.

p.s. i'm going here tomorrow morning and i might be offline...just think of me, lying on the beach with a cocktail and celebrating the triumph of the fake americans! catch ya on saturday if not before.


Barb said...

I rushed here this morning, because I just knew you would have words of wisdom on this momentous day in US history.

I too could not resist a small post about the historical value and importance of this day even tho' I'm just an US neighbour.

BTW, feeling a little jealous of your day tomorrow. Enjoy your day. Barb

tangobaby said...

Look at that swanky piece of jewelry! Go and enjoy yourself, lady Secretary.

I think now after Obama's speech that there are no fake Americans anymore. I hope we can pull ourselves together and work to make all America real and live up to the promise that Obama and his campaign represented for all of us.

Brenda Pruitt said...

Well, I'm glad I can stop apologizing for an administration I didn't vote for. And feel proud for one coming in that I did vote for. The sign proudly sits in my East Texas front yard. May be one of a few around this region. But I'm proud of it.

Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

Your post title is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen ;)
It's too good for words. I don't yet have a way to express the relief I feel, but that dark shadow over our heads is just beginning to clear.
Having gone through a mountain of paperwork to live in the US, I wondered at times if I was doing the right thing, based on what my family were thinking and saying to me, and on the fact that I didn't have a good reason other than to be with Spouse- he too was asking the same question. But now I'm so glad to be here, because things will get better with time and work, and Spouse has his country back.

christina said...

i so want that ring! love it!