Monday, November 03, 2008

like watching beavis & butthead

i've just been chatting with amanda and we've been discussing that feeling we get these days whenever we see the latest antics from sarah palin. whether it's falling hook line and sinker for canadian comedians posing as sarkozy (seriously, did she REALLY think that sarkozy would be calling her?) or claiming the first amendment is to protect a politician's right to say stupid shit without media scrutiny. or claiming obama is a communist. as amanda said, it's like watching the olympics and the girl falls off the balance beam and you can't watch anymore because you know she'll do it again. for me, it's the feeling i get watching mr. bean or beavis & uncomfortable, fist-clenching, squirmy, can't-sit-still feeling.

i have the same feeling about watching actual election returns tomorrow. it's been such a long, mad road and i have such a feeling of dread about it. from where i sit, i have an excuse...i'm in a time zone that makes it slightly inconvenient to watch the returns. plus, i'm really busy tomorrow, so i can probably escape watching. because it's no doubt going to be uncomfortable, fist-clenching and squirmy.  i hope i'm wrong, but i will not trust these clowns and their banana republic-esque voting irregularities until it's all over.

speaking of banana republic, i've learned that one has opened in greenbelt 5, so perhaps i'll check that out tomorrow evening, rather than torturing myself with election returns.

what are you going to do? be glued to the t.v. or trying to stay far away until it's all over?

p.s. this was my 400th post. we all expected so much more....


Amanda said...

Your descriptions are perfect...antics, squirmy, and fist-clenching.

Molly said...

We also have the oddity of a bizarre time zone difference.
It was 16h30 for us when the towers fell on 9/11 and the election results will only start coming in as we sleep tomorrow night.
I fully expect to awake to a new and improved world on Wednesday morning. This is my hope for us all.
Thumbs tightly clenched!

Brenda Pruitt said...

400th post! What an achievement. I passed 200 a few months ago. Yes, I shall have clenched fists until I know the final determination. Sarah Palin, go stick your head in a damned igloo and cool your high heels.

Andi said...

Watching Palin embarrasses me for her. Squirmy indeed! I'll probably do a combo of glued to TV and must-stay-away. I have an assignment for library school I need to finish, but I'll surely be checking CNN regularly.

tangobaby said...

I used to feel sorry for her when I wasn't talking out loud to myself (like, you've got to be f'ing kidding me, you know, stuff like that) when I'd read about something she just did or see her on youtube.

I'm relieved to see that I no longer feel sorry for her at all. Her final diatribes on subjects she has absolutely no clue about (and yes, I'm still in shock about the fruit flies, not to mention her ignorance on topics ranging from socialism to race relations) has cured me of thinking that she deserves my pity.

I'm dying to know why she's kept her medical records from being released all this time and I hope when she goes home to Alaska, that the citizens there recall her and she can reapply to be the mayor of Wasilla.

I am going to a party given by the Hungry for Obama people, who created the website through which I organized and had my Obama fundraiser, and hopefully I'll be drinking and dancing and singing and not reliving 2000 and 2004 nightmares.

Go to sleep now!

ps. Do you remember when Banana Republic was super cool and had all of this adventure wear/surplus stuff? That's the Banana Republic I miss very much. I used to get all of my clothes there. I looked like a safari guide when I was in high school.