Friday, November 14, 2008

grateful friday

it's grey and dreary and a rain of the sort that chills you to the bone is falling outside, so it seems appropriate to reflect on the things i'm grateful for this week:

  • last friday, i took the picture above.
  • a whole week at home.
  • getting to see the new james bond--which, while a departure from the usual james bond formula, wasn't as bad as reviewers have made it out to be. i think bond comes out of it a deeper, darker, more complex character and what they have done to film pacing in the chase scenes is extraordinary and more than a bit jarring.
  • an entire weekend devoted to creativity on the horizon.
  • stitching cupcakes.
  • real cupcakes.
  • my little yellow teapot.

what are you grateful for this friday?


Amanda said...

Julie, I am grateful for you and your friendship. Here's hoping for a great weekend!

Magpie said...

Grateful for the fact that all the medical tests turned out negative.

Tara Thayer said...

Hi Julie, I loved your post today, and I also have a link to an etsy shop (from Denmark, no less!)today, too, that is similar to Heather Moore. I'd never seen her work until you directed us there today, and I love it! Love the mugs she has in her shop-and her blog is cool, too. Thanks for the inspiration. Enjoy your creative weekend! I'm grateful for lots of things, including fellow bloggers with good taste! Best wishes! Tara