Friday, November 07, 2008

they're even celebrating in boracay!

today, on the beach in boracay, i saw this:

oliver, who had made it, told me he had done it to show how happy he and other filipinos were that obama had won the election. what we did on tuesday was a profound and amazing thing and i'm not sure we adequately appreciate that. seeing this on a beach on a small island halfway across the world today gave me a small taste of the enormity of this. we did good, guys! and we turned the fake americans into the real americans again. i can't even express what a relief that is.


tangobaby said...

I know I shouldn't swear on your blog but I can't help thinking "holy sh*t!!"

That is so so so awesome!!! YAY!

Honestly. YAY!!!

Molly said...

I've overheard so many conversations in Cape Town the last few days, lauding Obama but more specifically Americans in general, for making this come about.
A year off from our own ground-breaking elections, and on the eve of voter registration weekend, we have all been so encouraged and inspired.
The spin-offs of Obama's election for the rest of the world will only be quantified in retrospect, and I have every faith they'll be remarkable!

julochka said...

TB--you are most welcome to swear on my blog. :-)

molly--you're will be amazing to see what the echoes of obama's election might mean worldwide! so exciting!

Brenda Pruitt said...

On the way to lunch I was saying to my husband that now I can stop feeling like I must apologize for the leaders in this country to bloggers in other countries. Finally I feel like we did something right. And the rest of the world is rejoicing right along with us. (Well, except for maybe Israel and Russia, that is. And the rich people in my city of Tyler, Texas.) Thank goodness we didn't elect a vice president who thought Africa was another country and not a continent...