Wednesday, November 12, 2008

loving michelle obama

i just read this wonderful article on huffington post on why all women should love michelle obama and i had to share it immediately. it makes me want to dance around and sing for joy. and it makes me feel a little better about my abiding love for the gap. :-)


Amanda said...

Love it, Love it!

Brenda Pruitt said...

What a wonderful article! Thanks for sharing it. I send it on to my husband. I consider myself a feminist at 51, but have been a homemaker for many years. I garden and do volunteer work. But when are the majority of people going to stop equating "working at a career outside the home" with feminism? Apples and oranges.

d smith kaich jones said...

Well, I get confused by all the definitions. Can one be considered a feminist if one is pro-life, anti-abortion? Can one be a feminist if one is not a political liberal? Not trying to raise a fuss here, but it seems as though one can't. I'm thinking about a couple of things here -

First, all the hoopla about Sarah Palin, and how she wasn't sympathetic to women's issues, how she was anti-abortion and how horrible that was, how she would hold women back if elected. I'm not talking about questions raised re: experience, knowledge, etc.; I considered those fair questions & concerns.

Second, I'm thinking about me. I am pro-choice, but in most other issues I am politically conservative. I am single, never been married, no children. I have always been responsible for myself - pay my own bills, manage my own birth-control, have owned my own business once, and am invested quite heavily in another small business now. I work my ass off. I keep whatever hours I want, I do whatever I want, I ask permission of no one to do anything. You'd think I would be considered a feminist, but because I'm not a Democrat, I don't fit the mold, so to speak. I don't care, but I'm interested in what really constitutes Feminism. It seems to've just become a political agenda for the left - women who chose to stay home w/their kids are okay if they're on that left side, but not if they're on the right side. The Feminist movement didn't care about the sexual misconduct charges (plural) levied against President Clinton - they went after the accuser(s). Paula Jones was called trailer park trash (as was Sarah Palin, oddly enough. Hmmmmm . . . ) It doesn't feel like a movement that is truly inclusive of all women - it seems to only care about women who vote they do.

Anyway, I'm truly not trying to piss anyone off. I'd be interested in hearing an opinion or two. SO . . . what constitutes a feminist? Is it just the abortion issue? Equality financially is wanted by every woman I know, regardless of political leanings, as is equality of opportunity.

Again, I want to stress I am not trying to start anything or make anyone angry.


P said...

This IS a great article. I am so proud that this country chose Michelle and Barack Obama. We have to stop thinking in such simplistic terms about what it means to be a feminist, a good mother, a successful career woman, and a supportive wife.

Andi said...

Haven't read the article yet, but I loooove Michelle Obama!