Thursday, November 27, 2008

thankful on thanksgiving

it's thanksgiving! my most favorite holiday of all. i think i like it even better than christmas! but, sadly, it is not a holiday where i live, so i've been at work today and i currently find myself in my second home...the SAS gold lounge in oslo. i am on my way home to brine my turkey, since we'll have friends over tomorrow for a thanksgiving feast. at least people on my side of the atlantic are interested in thanksgiving and in experiencing the traditional food, even if we don't necessarily do it on the right day.

anyway, despite being a day off on the feast, i feel i have a lot to be thankful for....

  1. a wonderful husband who i am still madly in love with after more than ten years.
  2. sabin--she's bright, smart, thoughtful, pretty and perfect, i couldn't ask more.
  3. the good health of my family.
  4. that our house is (mostly) finished--last year at this time, it was total chaos (but i was in the philippines, having thanksgiving dinner at The Pen).
  5. that i have a fun job with great colleagues.
  6. several interesting job possibilities on the horizon.
  7. a christmasy new mac "red" she said lipstick.
  8. changeable plane tickets.
  9. good friends coming to thanksgiving dinner tomorrow.
  10. this daily outlet for my madness.
  11. the friends i'm made here in the blogosphere over the past year.
  12. that the world is full of inspiring people who are sharing their creativity online.
  13. my iPhone.
  14. my iMac.
  15. my Macbook Pro (are we detecting a theme here?).
  16. new glasses.
  17. daily laughter.
  18. the past year, during which i recovered from my old job and found my way back to myself.
  19. my sewing machine.
  20. my beloved Nikon D60.
seriously, everyone, thank you for reading and for being my friends. i'm really grateful that you're out there and that i've gotten to share your insights and a lot of laughter with you.  happy thanksgiving!


Barb said...

What a lovely post. I am thankful too (even tho I live in Canada and our thanksgiving is long past), for friends like you that I met through blogging.

Hope you keep on blogging so that I can have my interesting read with my coffee in the morning. Here's to the possibility of meeting someday. Barb xox

Brenda Pruitt said...

I am so glad I found you! I love blogging friends!

Anonymous said...

Very nice, and all true. I'm so happy to have found some great new friends and vicarious adventures in blogland. Happy Thanksgiving!

Jaime said... are such a Mac girl. I wish I was too. Once my computer throws in the towel, I am getting a Mac. I don't even have an ipod yet!

You have a wonderful list here of warm gratitude.


tangobaby said...

Well, you've already introduced Halloween to a curious country, so why not Thanksgiving? I'm sure your delicious turkey will make everyone realize that this is a holiday worth repeating.

I'm glad you're my bloggy pal, too. Enjoy your special family time. xoxo