Sunday, November 02, 2008

scenes from a halloween party

it's really cool when i think back to ten years ago when i first came to that point, i paid a small fortune for a single pumpkin at a florist shop and no one knew what halloween was. now, pumpkins are everywhere and the toy shops are full of halloween costumes. so, when we warned our street with a note that we were sending 20 second graders around trick or treating on friday evening, only one called and said that there was no way we could possibly inconvenience them in that way. the others (who were home) were totally cool...making a big effort to either have candy or spooky treats (glow-in-the-dark spider rings), some of them even dressing up and taking pictures of all the kids.  so heartening and the kids had a total blast!

here are the highlights:

sabin's spooky spider-web ghost costume
is that a zombie or just a dentist's wet dream?
these two pretty scared of the zombie.
"i'm just a little kitty cat!"
husband secured a real pig's head.
it was a BIG hit.
especially among the GIRLS.
girls are cool and science-y.
and won't at all need extensive therapy after this.
however, I MIGHT.
i wonder what he was saying to them?
do you suppose any of the kids will be allowed to come next year?


Andi said...

What fun! I'm glad the neighbors played along with the one exception. :)

Amanda said...

Oh how fun! I am so glad you are single handedly bringing Halloween to Denmark!

How lucky for the kids who were invited to your party! They'll be talking about it in to their old age!

tangobaby said...

"A dentist's wet dream"! LMAO! That has to have been the coolest Halloween party in any country!

Since you've now introduced Denmark to Halloween, you should lobby the government to make it a school holiday. You'll become a national heroine to kids all over the country!

Great photos!