Sunday, November 02, 2008

randomness from a jetlagged brain

i made it to manila. i'm sitting blissfully on the club floor, enjoying tea and scones and watching CNN broadcast the daily show episode with barack obama. who knew CNN broadcast the daily show? cool, it looks like they're changing over from afternoon tea to snacks and drinkie poohs. have i mentioned that i love this hotel? indeed i have.

i've been catching up on my blog reading as i fight to stay up and not give in to the desire to go to bed now (it's 6 p.m.) and then wake up at 2 a.m. i think there are new random character algorithms that are more word-like than they used to be. have a look at these:  cogismat, hypercen, geducen, patturo, vemputis, subedi. amanda actually noted this last week and even managed to offer cool definitions for the words. that is currently beyond the capability of my jetlagged brain.

on my flight, my seat malfunctioned and wouldn't lie down all the way. i thought at first that i was just too stupid to operate it (on singapore airlines once it was a good two hours into the flight before i figured  out the seat), but it turned out to be broken. business class was totally full, but, lucky for me (and unlucky for him), one of those people was a KLM employee, so they had made him trade with me, since i was a paying customer. that was cool, tho' i only slept about 3 hours of the 12 hour flight.  i have to say that KLM is very service-minded.

i watched mamma mia! on the plane and must slightly sheepishly admit that i totally loved it and even cried several times, i was so touched by it. it is a testament to abba's music that pierce brosnan's singing can't ruin it. it also seems there is an abba song appropriate to any and every occasion. i am so having an abba-themed party when i get home. everyone will have to dress up and maybe we'll even watch mamma mia! at the party.

since i arrived in manila, i have had a pedicure, manicure and a fabulous facial. actually, i had them all at once...there was a whole fleet of people working on me. it was wonderful! i have also visited the gap (it's a weakness, i know, but borne of the fact that where i live there is no gap, so it seems special), where i bought jeans. they have the best jeans, it's like they're designed specifically for me.

i have a 13-year-old with me who looks like she's going on 25...tall, willowy, draping herself all lolita-like around the place. and it has struck me several times how hard that must actually be still a child, but not look like one. people have expectations of a certain maturity level and it just isn't there. and by people, i mean me. i have to keep reminding myself that she's only 13 and 12 hours is a really long flight. but it's really interesting to see this place through her eyes. i'm certain that i can learn from it.

ok, freak 50-year-old american men nearby discussing bible class and church teachings...gotta run...


Amanda said...

I'm so glad you made it safely. Only a few more hours until you can sleep!

Have a lovely time!

tangobaby said...

Okay, what beauty products did they use in the spa?! And photos, please?