Sunday, November 23, 2008

the right life

do you ever go to someone's house, look around and think...these books, this art, this furniture, these dishes, this lifestyle...this is how i would like to live. that's what happened to us last evening. we had our annual cousins party, this time in copenhagen. we hadn't been to J&T's apartment before, but i totally fell in love with it, just stepping inside.

both of them are art historians, so their home is full of wonderful posters from all sorts of art exhibitions, as well as wonderful paintings and whimsical collages. they've got clever magnetic poetry on the refrigerator. there's even art in the bathroom. it's so cool. their furniture is the best combination of inherited pieces and the coolest flea market finds. it's all put together beautifully and in between everything there are shelves and shelves of books on art. it was a heavenly and inspiring place to spend an evening. everyone was completely at ease in the surroundings,  there was great food, much laughter, some fun and games, some homemade schnapps (which i, the non-dane, had made--one with horseradish and one with apple & cinnamon--they were a big hit, especially the horseradish one!). it all ended with the agreement that it would be thanksgiving at our place next year. i aspire to everyone feeling as comfortable and happy in our home when they come here next year.

* * *
last year we had no snow all winter long. finally, around easter, it snowed for about an hour and sabin rushed out to play in it before it was washed away by drizzly rain. but this year is already different! on friday, we got our first snow. it was rather strange snow and seemed to come down in little snowballs.
but that definitely didn't stop sabin from rushing out in her new snowsuit on saturday morning:
i don't know if you've noticed the new look of gmail over the past few days. i did and because i can't resist new gadgets, i went in and chose a theme. i chose tree. when i chose it, it asked me for my location, which i thought was a little weird, but didn't really dwell much on it. i've been stunned this afternoon and evening to see the weather change on my screen, to reflect the actual weather outside. right now, snow is accumulating on the top left corner of my mails and on the word Gmail at the top--just as fluffy snow is accumulating outside. it's obvious that it's night and the tree (of the theme name) along the bottom is barely visible. it occurred to me that perhaps google wasn't reflecting the actual weather conditions, but actually controlling the weather...

* * *

quick quilt update:  i did finish the quilt top on friday, as hoped, but with all of the other weekend rushing around, i haven't sewn it to the fleece yet, nor did i have time to photograph it in good light. perhaps tomorrow!  


Amanda said...

I ache for a home like you described above. How I long for it. How do I get it?

Barb said...

Now I know why I like you and your blog so much. I too just changed my gmail to the tree theme. I'll have to log on this morning and see if I'm accumulating any snow.

Interesting thought about Google controlling the weather ..... hmmmm. Barb

tangobaby said...

So in Denmark, things are so much better that the snow actually falls pre-made in little balls?! Wow! That IS cool.

This is coming from a Californian who has NO experience with snow but has a very suggestible mind.

Tell Sabin I really like her hat. I wonder what that gmail gadget can show me. Do you think they can do fog?

tangobaby said...

ps. I bet when people come over to your house, they say the same things and have little pangs of envy. Heck, I say that about your house and I've never even been there.

Mostly about your red refrigerator and your stacks of books, all of which I want to read.