Friday, November 21, 2008

call me crazy

i was just reading what possessed me and i decided that my goal for the weekend is to get randomly called crazy lady in public, like P. did. i'm so envious. these are the things i aspire to.

i started actively working on it yesterday, albeit quietly, to myself, mostly in my own head. it happened when i was standing in the grocery store and i found myself putting a small can of fois gras in my basket, followed by an ordinary loaf of toast bread. with all kinds of conflicting hormones coursing through my body at the moment, i was simply unable to exercise any impulse control whatsoever. at least it was only a $14 can of fois gras and not those fabulous purple furry bumper boots they have down in the shoe store for $360. and say what you will about fois gras, it is the food of the gods. i don't care how they treat those mean old nasty geese, i say bring it on. preferably with a nice fig jam on the side. heavenly. and because i didn't eat it all yesterday, i get to have it for lunch today too. lucky wannabe crazy lady.

* * *

my interview yesterday went very well, at least from my perspective. the job would be interesting (tho' i fear the pay is a bit low) and it's a company i know because i worked with them on projects in my previous job. i've always been impressed with how the people who work there seem to get along in a very real, genuine way and have a good creative atmosphere. that would be way cool. they were interviewing others, of course and will let me know next week whether i have a second interview. i'm pretty sure i will. oh, and did i mention that i actually did the whole interview in danish? pretty cool.  the only drawback would be little or no travel. that might make me very sad in the long run.

* * *

in other evidence of craziness, i made an impulse stop in ikea yesterday on the way home from the interview. one just shouldn't do that. ikea is something one must psyche up for. you have to be mentally prepared when you go there. and you should also be hungry, because of the relentless (and vaguely evil) allure of the meatballs. it was so crowded in the cafeteria that i actually resisted the call yesterday. which was good because then i wouldn't have had room for the afternoon fois gras snack. 

typically, i took the entire tour, because i am utterly unable to resist the cultural pressure to follow those damn arrows. since we're finishing the writing house, that was ok, because there ARE a lot of good decorating ideas in ikea. but why couldn't i just skip to downstairs and get the boxes and fabric that i came for? seriously, i wasted like 45 minutes. why don't i value my own time more than that? and then i bought 12 meters of these cute fabrics:
i wonder what to do with them now...KIDDING. actually, i'm going to make a moderny (as in not grandma-agtig) quilt out of them. ever since i got heather's wonderful patchwork , i've been wanting to do a modern take on a quilt. so i'm going to make a top out of the three fabrics above and then back it with a big fleece which i also bought in ikea, sort of a fast-track quilt for use in the writing house. do you think if i leave the damn computer i can get it finished today? i might be able to if you dare me to try. i'm motivated by a challenge and not very self-motivated. so what do you say? can the crazy lady make a quilt in a day?

UPDATED:  see how far i've gotten?  

and although it's awfully cold out there, i used my writing house to lay out the strips! it's even farther than it looks above because it's all pinned together now. i just have to sew it all up. but first, a bath, because i got really cold out there! that fleece that's beside it will be the matches better than it looks like it does in this pic, i promise.

and by the way, here's what color it's going to be in the writing house when it's done...a gorgeous, rich, vibrant turquoise (it doesn't look as good in the pic as it does in reality):


Molly said...

I hope you're quilting like crazy and NOT READING THIS but wanted to say indulge your every whim at the mo.
And also, grandma-agtig made me laugh, we use the Afrikaans 'agtig' the same way all the time and it's so wonderfully expressive.
Have a good weekend and look after you.

Gwen said...

A quilt in a day? Girl, you are crazy.

Geese are nasty little fuckers, aren't they? We have way too many around our house for me to have much sympathy for them and their stuffed livers. My husband loves fois gras to distraction. I think it's one of his favorite things about his frequent business trips to Paris: enormous hunks of fois gras.

And speaking of low paying companies: he works for one that has convinced their employees that the quality of life factor means they don't really need to get paid.

I'm actually a big fan of quality of life, so this works out for me.

Good luck with your quest to be called a crazy lady for real. It's good to have goals that set the bar just out of reach, don't you think?

Tara Thayer said...

Virginia Woolf would cry with envy. Do you have to share that writing house, or what? The quilt is so hip-mod-anti-granny,and beautiful, too: but I can't get over that space.
You could sneak friends in there all the time and say you're working, but instead just be talking & drinking wine. Not that that's what I would do, or anything...Take care of yourself, Julie!

tangobaby said...

My goal in life is to go back in time and BE the glorious P. I'm borderline stalker and didn't realize that I have a passion for baby pandas until I started reading her blog.

Although I'm not sure about the crazy lady part. Maybe I missed that post. I'll have to go back and see what that's all about.

As for the foie gras, geese are biologically wired to gorge themselves on grain in preparation for the winter. Whether they do it to themselves or we feed them (albeit in an unpleasant looking manner), if people are going to be upset by it, then they can be vegetarians.

So does this mean you're not moving to Singapore? Good. Because I really like your house.

Barb said...

Love the fabric, love what you did with too.

When my craft room is done, I'm going to have give one of these beautiful modern style quilts a try.


Andi said...

Glad to hear that the interview went well!!! Yay for that.

And that turquoise is stunning! I'm in love with that color.