Saturday, October 02, 2010

365 photo project: only three months to go!

i made it through another month of my 365 photo project. it doesn't seem that hard anymore, it's just part of my everyday to take photos. they've become more documentary than they were in the beginning and they're generally better, which is ironic because i'm not trying so hard anymore. i process more now and it's just a part of my routine. i use my iPhone without angst.

PAD: september

i'd like to be more like kristina and dare to just go around with a film camera and not have the digital as a backup and not feel an obsessive need to take the photo i just took in film with the digital as well, just in case. i made myself take a couple of pictures of a bridge in berlin with just the film camera, so i'm taking baby steps in that direction. i do know that digital has made me more comfortable with film, so maybe it's a matter of, once again, just daring. daring to see what happens only on the film and risking not having the photo later if it doesn't turn out. but i guess that's another thing i don't dare at the moment. baby steps, i tell you, baby steps.

speaking of daring, read lynne's wonderful posted response to my angst over not daring.

maybe tomorrow will be a film only day...


Lynn said... felt so good to be finished the my 365. Will you be starting a new round in January? Here's me giving you a little cheer. The last little push to the finish is sometimes the hardest, so I'm rooting for you!!!

Char said...

there are days that i hate blogger - what is up with all the comment eating these days? i must copy all of my comments lately just to make sure.

anyway - congrats to you for pushing on through it. i couldn't.

The Queens Table said...

Congratulations on your 365 journey!

I am considering doing the 365 next year...guess that means I will have to get a flicker page too...oh! more online stuffff