Monday, October 25, 2010

philippine dreaming

late afternoon sun shone on my jar of shells and coral gathered over the years on various philippine beaches. my little pieces of a tropical paradise, right here in the low-ceiling-ed living room of our old farmhouse in denmark. i'm sad to say that it's been two years since i've been in the philippines. but next sunday, i will remedy that. make that monday, as it takes awhile to get there. i really need a change of scenery and manila is just the place. old friends, good food and a bit of shopping squeezed in between a few meetings here and there. i. can't. wait!


Elizabeth said...

Have fun!!!!

Teach.Workout.Love said...

love that! have fun :)

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Have a great time!
Send a post card--LOL

Tin (ni Johann) said...


Have a safe flight!

Are you planning to travel outside of Manila?

Try Cebu! I was there a few weeks back and the place is beautiful!