Thursday, October 28, 2010

in the zone

iPhone photo by husband
i wrote a long time ago about a place i call the zone. it's been far too long since i felt i was there (two evenings earlier this month, one last month, but that's not enough), but today...don't even get me started. i was so in the zone. it's a kind of feeling of elation and energy and just firing on all cylinders. it undoubtedly has something to do with having tickets to manila in hand. but it's also the right combination of people and energy coming together in a room and forming a kind of natural, human tornado, which feels like it's centered on me (tho' i will grant that perhaps it's not).

it's a bit like i imagine cocaine to make you feel, only without the expense and danger.

i do wish i had control of it and knew how to make it happen.

if you know what i mean, do tell me how you think it works....


kristina said...

sounds so good! I think it has something to do with feeling that you're really good at what you do, but I can't pinpoint it any further.

will said...

First, you need a rabbet's foot, preferably one that's been to Vegas and scored big at roulette. And since is the sensitive 2000s, the rabbet can be alive with three other feet.

Next, is cocaine really expensive and dangerous? There's no warning on the packaging.

Next again, good art requires selfishness, tunnel vision and some type of inspiration or agitation ... of the mental kind.

Then there's the convergence thing. Perhaps you see a man with a red hat or a train passing by and that somehow links to a memory of a coincidence or similar moment but not the same, and you get, what I call, the "Ah hah" moment.

The next thing you realize eight hours have passed and there's a new painting, one or two really good photos or something else requiring creativity. And you are spent.

The Queens Table said...

Totally connected and open with all the possibilities of the unified field that is emanating from that eyeball!

я не мэгги! said...

да,интересная штука.

Pia K said...

i wish for those days regularly, they never work like that. and no, i wish i could tell you the formula, i can't. i'm just happy when they arrive. and really sad to see them go. 2010 was a year with very few of them i'd say. for me. sigh. or "pallyzyb" as the wv says.