Monday, October 25, 2010

life lessons

char is sharing life lessons today and it made me think about my own....

~ believe in Real Love.  and wait for it.

~ never pour milk on your cornflakes and then wander away.

~ more than one will die before barnaby solves the case.

~ fly business class.

~ don't ever marry someone just so you don't have to explain what you're doing with your life.

~ time spent with a horse is time well spent.

~ you don't have to finish a bad book.

~ unreality is a condition of life.

~ you are not your job. or your house.

~ stop to take pictures.

~ live amidst colors.

~ you can never have too many cameras, iPods or apple products.

~ it's good to have a stash (fabric, yarn, pretty paper, film...i could go on).

~ surround yourself with people who make you laugh.

~ travel. see the world. eat unfamiliar food.

~ take the train.

~ if you spill the limoncello, it's ok to lick it up.

~ reality is frequently inaccurate.

~ buy the refrigerator you really want.

~ see the possibilities. even when no one else does.

~ life philosophy:  what are you gonna remember?

thank you char, i think i feel quite elated now...

(and do stop by her blog to check out the other life lessons and please play along if you've got some to share. i'm SURE you've got some to share.)


Elizabeth said...

A wise woman spoke!!!!

Karen said...

I like your life lessons... I did not learn some of them soon enough and I know first hand you are RIGHT.

One Woman's Thoughts said...

yes . . . yes . . yes . . . why does it take a lifetime to learn some obvious things?

poet said...

Very wise indeed! Thanks for sharing, and thanks for your comment!


Miss Footloose said...

I love your lessons, and am relieved to know that you are not your house, or rather that I am not my house, since you should see where I have lived in my travels around the world! You might not have wanted to be my friends ;)

One of my big life lessons, is that it is okay, even creatively and spiritually essential to do NOTHING at times. As the Buddha (I think) said: Don't just do something, sit there!

Meri said...

One more: nothing stays the same for long.

Anonymous said...

First of all, isn't that a new photo in your blog header? I really love it!

Second, I love your list! Especially "you don't have to finish a bad book" (I'd like to add, no matter how much it costs!), "you are not your job or your house", and "surround yourself with people who make you laugh". Wonderful!

Book of Ruth said...

I played along. I might have shouted when you got to the putting down of books. Such a hard and important one to allow yourself to learn.

Kathryn Dyche said...

Loved these. The ones that really resonated with me were:

~ never pour milk on your cornflakes and then wander away.

~ you don't have to finish a bad book (I always feel the need to finish a book once I've started it).

~ stop to take pictures.

~ it's good to have a stash.

beth said...

this is was the most fabulous list ever !!!!

Teach.Workout.Love said...

very much like your list :)

mrs mediocrity said...

love them all, especially the reality ones and surrounding yourself with people who make you laugh