Thursday, October 21, 2010

look at what's new from moo!

yesterday, in my email inbox, i got my moosletter and in it, i saw these innovative new business card holders and i thought, those are cool, i wonder if it's time for some business cards...  and then, when i got home, i found the most delightful surprise in my guessed it! one of moo's new business card holders - especially for me! i knew i loved moo.


Marion Williams-Bennett said...

Look at these! Adorable!

Just love MOO - especially their choices of photographers to feature - i.e., you!

Sammi said...

Cuuuuute :D

Jess said...

Ok, I had to comment and say you saved my life! I remember a long time ago you mentioned moo things and browsed them but had since forgotten all about it. I have been looking everywhere for greeting cards, but haven't had much luck (I don't need 100 billion of the same picture) and the moo printfinity thing is AH-mazing.
Thanks again so much for posting about this - this is exactly what I need.
Also, I'm sorry to hear there are poop heads in the blogosphere - don't let them get you down, you're way better than that :)
Keep on keepin' on!

mrs mediocrity said...

The universe was looking to cheer you up! See, there are still sweet nice people, so just ignore those crabby types.

Anonymous said...

Love moo too! So glad they sent you a little gift to brighten your day!

Char said...

i really need to moo