Wednesday, October 20, 2010

blue in the blogosphere

B is for blogosphere

it feels to me like changes are afoot in the interwebs. it's becoming a more hostile place and i wonder why. first, i got bawled out by some righteous witch on flickr for tumbling her photo, despite the fact that tumblr gives full credit to the original and provides a LINK to it for odin's sake. and despite the fact that my tumblr clearly states that i'm sharing my flickr faves. honestly, i created it because it has a dark background and i enjoyed seeing my flickr faves on a dark background. but, i've gotten downright afraid to tumble anything after that. i don't do well with the righteous ones. the way i look at it, if you put your things online to be seen, you shouldn't be surprised when people see them, nor should you object to someone giving you both full credit and directing more traffic your way.

then, yesterday, i got an email from someone whose name wasn't familiar to me, accusing me of constantly "backpacking" on her blog (her: 73 followers, me: 1249, hmm, "backpacking?" methinks not.) by creating a link to her posts which she then had to delete. i didn't even recognize the blog initially because she blogs under another name, but i later came to find out it was on my blogroll as an "inspiration." needless to say, it's not anymore. granted, she also said she was notifying me, in case i didn't know, which i didn't. i had no idea that those blogroll lists would create links elsewhere in the blogosphere. but even if i'd known, i don't think i'd have imagined that someone would be upset by it. nor did i imagine how upsetting i would find it to be on the receiving end an accusation of "backpacking" (which i think i would call piggybacking, but that's just me).

but these are strange times in the blogosphere.

it seems to me that a big part of what the blog as a medium is about is linking. linking to other bloggers, to articles of interest, to inspiring photos and art around the interwebs. but it seems it's not about that anymore. people are getting protective of themselves and their content. the spirit of sharing and crediting and sending your bloggy friends to your other bloggy friends by way of links and favorites, is fading. and it makes me sad.

and it also made me take down my blogrolls today. so, it's not that i don't still love all of you, i've just gotten a little afraid about whether that's still ok with you...


Lisa-Marie said...

People are silly and petty julie. What these people should realise is that though you aren't at all 'look at me being awesome' about it, you have a huge following, and your featuring them would only promote them.

You shouldn't feel the need to remove your blogroll, it makes me angry that someone has put you in that position.

For the record, I am proud to have been featured by you!

Book of Ruth said...

One of the reasons I love seeing you come across my feed is that you make me stop and think more than most.

I'm sorry that you've gotten some poop from a couple of folks lately.

Keep on keepin' on. I suppose part of the sharing pieces of ourselves is opening ourselves to negativity. I just hope the balance stays roundly positive.

Teach.Workout.Love said...

thats shitty : ( im really sorry -- people are obnoxious

Anonymous said...

There are arseholes everywhere, on the web as in real life, and paranoia takes on strange shapes in some people's little minds...
Personally, I consider is very flattering when someone adds me to their blogroll or links to me.

Please don't let these instances deter you from spreading the word about what you love!

beth said...

yep...there's one in every your case there were two.

they could have been kind....they could of suggested...instead it sounds like they whipped out the baseball bat and took a swing....

just remember... there's so many of us that love you....

Anonymous said...

don't let a couple of bad apples ruin the entire bunch. They obviously have confidence problems. I share your views 100%. Why have a blog if you're not willing to share. Do they honestly think that blog success stems from not sharing?? PaLeeze!

Anonymous said...

links elsewhere in the blogsphere?
in what way.
you'd been linked to me and i'd never had anything odd from it.

does this person mean when they google (search) themselves it's hitting your page first?


sorry for you
negativity online can be nasty
stay off for a few days and just shake it off.
i'll miss your links.
they were full of good reads.

but when it comes down to it
it's about your creativity
hang onto yourself first.

Anne said...

Wait, let me see if I've got this straight: someone who has a blog on the interwebs--presumably a public blog, which people can find and read if they so desire--was upset with you for... linking? to her blog?


I can see being protective of content: if you'd lifted text or images (which obviously you wouldn't), I can see her asking you (politely!) to remove them. But doing a bit of a = href formatting that leads people to her blog? Don't. Get. It. If people don't want other people to link to them, perhaps they should make their blogs private. Public blogs are just that: public. Methinks this person is not aware of all internet traditions.

Sending lots of love from currently-not-so-sunny California.

stephanie said...

Well, first I want to say I've always appreciated the fact that you have linked to me and done a couple posts about me. It's super flattering and I appreciate it.

Part of me thinks that people are so terrified of the fact that it's hard to stand out as "original" they need to be super protective of what they do in case it might be seen as "original." To me, if you want stuff to stay private and just yours, then don't put it on the internets. That's kind of basic.

Sigh...silly people.

Cindy said...

Julie, sorry you have had to experience this, I have been following your blog just for a short time, but love coming here, and will continue. keep doing what you do, you have a large following for a reason. and I agree...sigh, silly people.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I don't even know what backpacking is! Even after you explained it.
You can link to me anytime!
Chin up... it's a beautiful day, and grumpy people exist all over the place. Bless their wee little hearts.

Pia K said...

this kind of makes me glad i'm pretty clueless about stuff like this... and you know, for every petty dork out there there's 10 nice nerds!

some days you care more about the dorks because they take the fun out of things, others you don't give a damn. and you shouldn't, really. *blogroll up, please*:)

Numinosity said...

That sounds so very strange to me. Linking and sharing is what it's all about isn't it? I can only imagine what it must feel like to have two incidents like that back to back. It would make me feel awfully weird too.
You have my permission to link or share or add to your roll anytime.
xoxo Kim

Kristina said...

Sorry you had such a bad experience. Truth is, jerks are everywhere...but so are nice people ;) Tuning the negative experiences out is hard but you have created a wonderful blog and following here, Julie! Don't let something like that ruin it for you.
And just for the record, like everyone else I am proud to be linked to, put on a blogroll etc. :)

Karen said...

Clearly you did nothing that is offensive. If offense was actually taken, that's the individual's issue. I wouldn't stop doing what you've been doing just because a few people have issues. I had no idea about the blogroll thing... still doesn't offend me, still not taking mine down.

You'll never be able to please ALL of the people ALL of the time. If you are pleasing you and not hurting other, you've done good.

Shokoofeh said...

I have a question : Does it truly matter?!
When you're doing a nice job and you know that this is a nice thing and everyone else knows it as well... does it count that there are not-nice-people like that around us? I don't think so, dear.
Don't be sad, because they are few.

Love. xo

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

What is it about the internet that makes people lose their manners? I get that there's a sense of anonymity and that person (probably) wouldn't be so abrasive with you had you been standing face to face (or toe to toe) but come on. Honey, vinegar, and all that people.

Snap said...

Goodness! People are really weird. How can anyone blog, have a Flickr account and think their *stuff* isn't going to be seen by *someone*. The human animal is certainly a strange one. Give me a cat/dog/elephant/giraffe/rhino ... anyday! Them I can figure out ... usually.

We love you!!!!!

rayfamily said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly, the blogosphere is about sharing and community. I've found more wonderful people through links from your blog and others, and I like to link back so that other people can find them too. I for one was honored to be part of your blogroll.

Julie, I'm so sorry you've run up against those sour apples that put a bad taste in your mouth :(

nath said...

oh dear. people can be awfully unfathomable can't they? i'm sorry that you have two such encounters, it's not really what this *gestures widely* is all about is it? anyway don't be blue and don't ever, ever change!

Indiri Wood said...

Clearly, she is missing an important part of her brain. If there is a popular blog (like yours) that mentions her blog in a blogroll then she gets more hits... Isn't that a good thing?! I love it when people add me because then more people come to see me too. And when I am looking for new blogs to read I check the rolls of my favorite bloggers (and then the rolls of those blogs) because I usually agree with their taste. It's called networking and it's sad she doesn't see that.

But don't let people like them get you down. Way more of us love you than those 2 (who can stuff it, anyway). I hope you eventually bring your blog roll back (minus crazy woman) and continue on without them.

will said...

Of course there are bad apples out there ... this a planet full of bad apples. Just read the Bible, in Genesis ... it all went nuts after Eve tempted Adam with an apple and they moved out of the Garden and into the real world. They first named their new digs, "Sour Apple" but finally they settled on "Bad Apple" instead.

BTW, this isn't the same apples as the "Big Apple", "Apple", the company or Aunt Mary's "Apple Pecan Pie'.

Bee said...

I totally agree about the spirit of linkage. Not sure, either, why people are so protective of their stuff. But maybe this is all just displaced (and misplaced!) anger and anxiety?

Gorgeous tableau of charming things, btw.

Bernie said...

Blogging is good, it connects us with people and allows us to enjoy others pictures, poems and stories....I think those two have missed out on the spirit of blogging....I am sorry you had to go through this, it was not deserved. Know there are so many who enjoy your post. Be well....Hugs

nacherluver said...

Dang, I'm really sorry to hear about your bad experience. I'm all for linking and loving, sharing and caring. Too bad she can't see it as the complement it was.
I tend to be sensitive to other's harshness as well so I'll send you this cyber (Hug) and hope it helps to warm your heart again and shake the negativity. Your blog is wonderful and I love visiting your space.
Not sure I understand what a blog roll is but I'm sorry you felt you had to remove it if it was something you enjoyed.
Hugs, love and uplifting vibes being sent your way. You're awesome! Don't let 'em get you down!

Great Photo BTW :)

M said...

I'm also quite sorry to hear about the crazies you've had to deal with.

You're right--the blogosphere is about linking and sharing things. As long as people aren't sharing your work with others without crediting you, then there's no problem.

Just think--if Blogger hadn't shared your link for Blogs of Note, I would have never found you! Think how sad (and how closed off) the blog world would be without linking and sharing? *sigh*

Sandra said...

Link away my dear. Call me by name and don't link. I don't care. I found you before you became a blog of note. A good thing because I don't look at that feature so I would not have known about you otherwise. So when you commented to someone I followed, brought me to you.

Most of who I follow follows someone else who follows someone else....

I know in the US it is getting very testy. Life, generally. So I would not take it personally. It's strange times.

Char said...

as if. LOL i mean come on - it's compliment if someone gives you a boost or a link up. to me anyway.

and i still don't get how that is a bad thing. if she doesn't want a public blog, then she can make it private and not allow anything.

Anonymous said...

The problem is with the people who wrote you and the complaints. They had the problems, not you. I'm sorry it happened. I hope you can shake it off soon and enjoy your blog again. We all love it and love what you write. I'm fairly new to reading you also, but I would hate for you to change.

As for the blog roll, if you want to list it again, go for it, just leave that one off. :) I hope the rest of your week goes much better.

Much blog love to you dear.


Sammi said...


That's so annoying. I can't believe people are getting like that. it's really annoying. if you don't want people to like your stuff, don't put it on a public domain

celkalee said...

Wacko's and wing-nuts...they are everywhere! I echo many sentiments already expressed here but wanted to add that I found you on a link, don't remember from who, but am so glad I did. I find your contributions to be fun, inspirational and uplifting. Sometimes a very tall order in these times. I think we all must remember that the internet is something of a new frontier, even now. Not everyone is on the "same page" so to speak and our learning curves are all different. That said, this seems to smell of a bully. As most of us know, a bully suffers essentially from low self esteem. By intimidating and threatening they attempt of raise their own estimate of themselves. I suspect the limited talents of these individuals have prompted them to act against you. I also suspect that you are not the only person they have threatened. Don't ever sacrifice your talent and intelligence to a bully. We all enjoy your contributions!

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Hello Julie

The only thing I can say about this is:"KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON."

You may keep loving me--you have a wonderful blog and I have learned so much from you!

Tracy :)

mrs mediocrity said...

sheesh, I am always honored when someone puts me on their blogroll! i think you should ignore the bitchy comments, sure, take her off your blogroll then, but don't let it change the way you do things. and i agree, if you post things on sites like flickr, it is for public consumption, that seems to be intrinsic to the site.
don't let it bring you down....

Unknown said...

People will always be people. Sometimes they are foolish and twits, other times angels and loves! They will always be those that are totally fickle to us all.

It was Francois de la Rochefoucauld who said “Some persons are so frivolous and fickle that they are as far removed from real defects as from substantial qualities.”

Thus it is pertinent that we realize as to those foolishly fickle few and further the distance between us and them for our own well being of mind and heart.

As hard as it may be, as challenging as it may seem ... the advice of us who give a hoot about you through this blog's eye view of your world is correct ... brush it off, wipe it away and know that you are appreciated.


Magpie said...

Good lord, people are weird. I'm sorry you felt piled upon. It's them, not you.

ImplausibleYarn said...

Wow! People are crazy and showing it on the internet! I'm sorry you had to deal with that negativity. I agree its them. Not you. You have a great blog that I enjoy reading!