Monday, October 04, 2010

monday lessons

~ getting up at the crack of insanity to see husband off to the airport: bad idea if you went to bed well after midnight.

~ staying awake after seeing husband off to the airport: also not a good idea (tho' it does give you time to blog).

~ trying to flat iron hair while it's still quite wet: bad idea.

~ starting the week with a dull headache due to lack of sleep: not fun.

~ banana cake for breakfast: awesome.

~ growing accumulation on the desk of films that need to be developed: not good.

~ days 'til husband comes home again: seven.

~ likelihood that computers at work will be functioning properly this morning: dismal.

~ probability that this is going to be a great week, despite the fact that it started too soon: very high.

happy monday one and all!


poet said...

I got up really early too. Glad to hear someone's sharing the experience :) This is a really beautiful picture, where did you take it?


Barb said...

Happy Monday to you too. I'm up too early most Mondays. It's not any earlier than other days. It just seems earlier.

nacherluver said...

Yup. Sounds like a Monday to me!

Char said...

hope the headache and hair situation get better. :)

i recently cut all of my mine off - short short....i love it - nothing to do to it but wash and shake dry.

happy monday

julochka said...

poet - i took it last week across the road from my daughter's school in denmark.

mrs mediocrity said...

that picture just made my monday happy. :)

Joanna Jenkins said...

Banana cake-- breakfast of champions :-)
Cheers, jj