Monday, October 25, 2010

scenes from frilandsmuseet: take 2 or it's the light, silly

i found myself being especially observant of the light in all of the old farmhouses at frilandsmuseet. we're pondering quite a lot about how to redo the bits of our farmhouse that won't be torn down and windows are a big issue. we've collected a lot of old, traditional metal-framed windows, thinking we wanted to use them, but they are actually quite small and we're worried it will be quite dark inside. and in these northern latitudes, light is everything. so i looked for how the light fell at frilandsmuseet...

the right windows mean everything

this little geranium is clearly getting enough light.
a rather dark hearth in a house from småland in sweden.
if only my old kitchen were THIS old - that i could live with.
i love, love, love the idea of a step-up pantry
an axe by the door - looks like they're ready for blog camp! ;-)
there were many cobblestone floors. we might experiment with that in one of the rooms of the part of our house that was once a barn. i love how some leaves had found their way in on the autumn winds.

one of the things we're generally really rubbish at is lighting, so it's really important that our coming remodel enables us to take as much advantage of natural light as possible. there's so much inspiration to be had by visiting museums, don't you think?


Elizabeth said...

What a beautiful pictures. A cobblestonefloor and an old kitchen, hmmm, just too good to be true.

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Love the hearth and the old kitchen.

Tracy :)

nacherluver said...

What wonderful pictures. Love the cobble stone floor. Might be hard to put furniture in the room though! The colorful tiles surrounding the cook top stand out in a brilliant way.
Yup. Lighting's a big one. Love how it falls on the old table.

Karen said...

Love the cobblestone.. and that stove/oven!... what a great place to visit.

clo said...

wonderful magic in a dream..:o)

kristina - no penny for them said...

it seems like such a beautiful place. (and yes, gorgeous light!)