Monday, October 18, 2010

deep thoughts from a fevered brain

tangled thoughts
when you're lying around sick for days on end, you tend to watch too much television, since the concentration required to read a book, or for that matter, the strength required to hold up a book is just too much. and by you i mean me. but watching all that television makes you (again, really me) think about a lot of stuff...

~ like how you've always had performance anxiety when it comes to ordering in mcdonald's or burger king or those places. totally tongue tied when you reach the front of the line. and if you can speak, you definitely can't remember what it was you were going to order. (you = me)

~ the weird obsession politicians seem to have at the moment with apologizing. the former leader of the danish communist party is on the latest wave. he's now apologizing for having been a communist. since he's just a socialist now. as if anyone knows the difference.

~ the implications of the apology thing and how it indicates that politics have gone off on some strange emotional tangent. and that can't be a good place to have gone.

~ what happened in the mine stays in the mine.

~ speaking of socialists, apparently mario vargas llosa isn't one anymore and that doesn't please the swedish literary establishment. you're not sure you're that fond of the swedish literary establishment. you were just grateful you'd actually heard of this year's honoree.

~ that sally hansen complete salon manicure really stays on.

~ why is it that the kids from the most religious families are always the ones who get pregnant in high school?

~ can a fever actually melt the inside of your ears?

~ speaking of ears, can everyone hear that ringing in yours?

~ why is it that one teenager in the house can make it feel more crowded than 100 people?

~ how many episodes of hannah montana did they make? and why?

~ will it take WWII-style rationing to make us really and truly consume less?

~ can you tell i'm starting to feel better? (this time you is actually you.)


Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Glad you are feeling better and welcome back!!


Shokoofeh said...

Sending you a big warm hug, you're adorable! I know I shouldn't say this word to a wise woman like you, but believe me you are! :)

Always love to read your words. always. xo

p.s. I am with you with the first one. McDonald thing I mean.

p.p.s. The photo is amazing.

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

Love the wanderings of a sick mind - though your thoughts seem very clear and insightful.

There is certainly an art to the political apology. For a while in the US, we were hearing them every month. Usually about affairs or some sort of thing. Best to keep it short, sweet and leave out the words "Soul Mate"

Feel better!

poet said...

This is an *awesome* picture, and your questions are indeed worth pondering. Don't sound too feverish to me, or maybe that's because feverish is my default state of mind :)

get well!

Karen said...

Pray that the ringing in your ears is not permanent... in most cases it isn't. In mine, it is... called tinnitus - caused by nerve damage aka hearing loss. It ain't fun.

Sure hope you're feeling better - love your tangled photo!

will said...

Fever and drugs ... such a fertile place! Perhaps, there'a Samuel Coleridge's 'Kubla Khan' within you, just waiting to be released. So, don't return to normals just yet. said...

Hey, Julochka! I know exactly what you're talking about. I'm recuperating from a broken leg at a friend's house and "looking forward" to 4-6 weeks of enforced time off work. There's only so much daytime television a person can bear before wanting to overdose on Vicodin. The fun part is reading all the books people have so thoughtfully loaned me. I started out with Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers. Now, that's one that gives you plenty to think about! Hope you're better soon!

Erin Wallace said...

Glad you are feeling better - it's amazing the things that go through your brain when you are ill! My ears ring, too sometimes. It comes and goes and is because of the medication I'm on. Oh, and really like "What happened in the mine stays in the mine." Take care

xo Erin

mrs mediocrity said...

deep thoughts by...

glad you are feeling better! TV really has declined tenfold, but when you are sick, it is still good company.