Friday, October 29, 2010

so many causes, so little...

 ...caring? empathy? what is wrong with me?  i just read an editorial on the plight of the roma people (that's gypsies to you and me). they're eternally persecuted because those of us who settle down and buy a house (albeit (apparently an exception to the rule - i before e except after c) one that should have come with a complementary bulldozer) don't like the nomads, you see.  apparently normally upstanding countries like sweden are even kicking the roma out. so it must be bad (they, after all, gave the peace prize to some chinese dissident no one had heard of 'til they bestowed the prize upon him (oh wait that was the norwegians)...but i digress).

dang, she's sure using a lot of parentheses.

what else do i have trouble caring about?  made-up company politics.  the madness of the mid-term elections in the US (sorry, but i'm having trouble mustering much angst about this...perhaps because i'm not in the middle of it and well, because i simply don't get it - obama is an intelligent man with a hot, smart wife who did something about health care and is pulling troops out of iraq - what's not to like?).  lene espersen (head of the danish conservative party and about as dumb as a box of rocks). the resignation of DR general director kenneth plummer (a man with both the charisma and vocabulary of a garden gnome).

there are many other things i don't care what's going on with brangelina. and the whether the crown prince is drinking too much. and where wayne rooney might play football next. and which teams have gone to the world series. and whether that facebook geek zuckerman thinks that movie is unfair.

all of these things i'm being asked to care about. and i just can't do it.

you see, tomorrow, 26 4th graders are coming to my house to a halloween party and i'm worried about what to feed them and how to keep bits of my purple and black wig out of the food. and after that, i'll be figuring out how to pack 5 wind turbines into my suitcase so i can leave for manila on sunday. so i've got bigger worries on my mind.

here's to a worry-free weekend for all of us. and if you have any suggestions for how we can entertain all those kids for three whole hours,  i'm all ears...because that worries me. husband only bought six half pig heads and how long will that really take?


Elizabeth said...

Some food, some games in the dark with flashlights, some drinks and a large one for yourself and husband.

Good luck and lots of fun!!!!

Have a safe trip to Manila.

Karen said...

I've got a really cool fun game for you and all it takes is toilet paper. One roll for every team of two. You divide the kids into teams of two.. give each team a roll of paper... one kid is the mummy and one kid is the rapper. Then they all start when you say GO... whoever gets done wrapping first wins. OR.. you can NOT time it... and whoever makes the best mummy wins.

That and the half pig heads oughta do it. (gag)

Delena said...

Apple bobbing, they always love that. At my party they all put a cookie (oreo) on their foreheads and had to move the cookie down the head, over the nose into their mouth and eat it. One grandson did it in 11 seconds. None of the others could get it in their mouth.
Lots of squeals and laughter with this one. Also, I had a relay race they had to go down the road put on an outfit, wait for me to take a picture, take the outfits off and then race to the finish. I had two run at a time. The winners from each group get a prize and the other person gets a smaller prize too.

nacherluver said...

Oh my goodness! 26 fourth graders? Now I'm worried for you!!! Gulp?

Do you have games to play? A Karaoke machine perhaps? Warm enough to play outside? Lots of options.

Or you can play, Guess the Grossness. Have a bunch of bowls on the table w/different contents covered with towels. Have all the kids take turns going around the table to each bowl to feel what's in the bowl. You tell them what it is and they can decide for themselves if it's legit (which of course it isn't).
Examples? grapes in pudding = floating eyeballs or thick spaghetti in oil = brains or sausage casing in jello = guts
Gross game but great for Halloween!

I bet it will be an awesome party.

p.s. Safe traveling to you.

Anonymous said...

Of course I'm reading this after Halloween and your successful party! But I have a game for next year.

The Spider Web game. You have to do this one first, because it covers your whole room. Get yarn (or string of some sort) for each child. Attach a small prize on the end and hide it. Then start winding the yarn all through the room and all through the other yarns to look like a huge spider web. Keep the other end free so that the kids can pick one to start unwinding the web with to find their prize.

Of course with as many children as you have coming, this could be a holy nightmare, but it could also be lots of fun. My son requested this at several birthday parties and so did his guests for years after we did it.