Friday, October 08, 2010


how do you step outside of who you are? your perspective. your worldview. your culture. yourself. how do you express what you want to express without seeming to be all of those things...your culture, your perspective, your view. how do you get to your real self? and how can you possibly capture the words she would truly like to speak?

there is no cloud,
there is no wind,
i sit beside the pond,
the swimming fishes, light, i, flower, water.
the pureness of the cluster of life;
my mother reaps the sweet basil,
bread, sweet basil, cheese, a cloudless sky,
wet garden petunia.
salvation is at hand: within the garden flowers.

--sohrab sepehri
one of shokoofeh's favorite poets

thank you, my dear.


Unknown said...

Your thoughts are deeply introspective but so meaningful and I love the way you illustrate it with this most appropriate image. Simply just great!

By the way what plant is this?

Joanna Jenkins said...

Oh my, that is beautiful-- your words and your exquisite photo. Thank you.
Happy weekend, jj

julochka said...

elsie - i don't know what the plant is, it's a weed that's everywhere...cow parsley someone told me it was called. it could be a queen anne's lace. :-)

Unknown said...

julochka - Yes, I guess as much that it must be the bloom of a wild grass but you have the clarity of a vivid imagination to capture its beauty. I have seen this wild grass in my country too. Now, I must remind myself to look for beauty everywhere.

Sammi said...

Somewhere recently I read that nature takes us back to the most primal that we are, and I always find that when I'm floating around in the sea, back home, I know exactly what my heart is saying to me and what I want, and even if the words don't come out, I know they are there.