Monday, December 24, 2012

christmas angst

christmas angst. every year, i declare i won't have it and every year, i have it. of course, it's deserved to an extent - i still have a pile of presents for my parents sitting here on the sideboard, not sent. ditto my sister. i tell myself it makes it more exciting to get unexpected presents in january. or february. but i hope i won't wait that long. what is it with me and procrastination?

i found out this afternoon that we were expected already today at the more local family christmas to-do. i never knew that (husband made the arrangements and obviously didn't adequately communicate them). but because of cold weather and bunnies and kitties and chickens that need their water thawed twice a day, we had never planned to go already today - it's just too long to leave all the animals home alone. but i have to admit that now i'm very worried that they're thinking we're horrible not to be there. which may sound like i'm a little paranoid and over-reacting, but we are talking here about a person who didn't speak to us for a couple of years because of a misunderstanding over a handful of smoked shrimp, so you never know.

but we're as ready as we're going to be. presents and goodies are packed, as well as good humor. let's hope that's enough. and if not, it's only one day. but i do just once wish for a christmas free of anxiety.


DahnStarr said...

Hummm, lets see, its Christmas Eve Eve here. I have a project all over my kitchen table, cards to write & mail, Christmas Day Dinner to plan & cook, a grumpy daughter to un-grump and I have to work tomorrow. And, tonight I'm burning Christmas cookies. Merry Christmas!!!

Teri and her Stylish Adventure Cats said...

Oh, those family holidays. Not a success until someone's crying ;)

May you find Merriment where you can

Veronica Roth said... mother will not speak to me till April because I'm in E for Christmas. I'm just trying to remember that friends are god's appology for family.