Friday, January 24, 2014

there's going to be a lot of changes around here

it's been awhile since i went to a regular office job on a daily basis. the last time was the misery that was siemens wind power. i believe they will eternally take the prize for the world's worst workplace (and that includes those clothing factories in bangladesh that burn up whole rooms of employees on a regular basis - those must be better - and that's not even hyperbole). if there's just less crying in meetings, my new job will be much better. but already, i digress. 

as i impatiently wait for the next ten days to pass, i have been pondering how it will change things around here that i'll no longer be making my own schedule. of course, i have been working over the past few years, but it's different when your schedule is largely your own to plan. if i wanted to do all of my work between 9 p.m. and 2 a.m., that was cool. if i did my work while wearing the same sweatpants and t-shirt three days in a row, that was also cool. now, people will be expecting me to appear, fully clothed and coiffed and not wearing the same thing for days on end, in an office during normal business hours. on a daily basis! and although i have no idea what i'm going to wear, i am really looking forward to it.

but it will change a lot of things. like when the horses get put out and put back in for that matter. it will also mean that i won't be here to play cat flap to the cats all day long, letting them in and out at their whims. they're going to have to decide at the beginning of the day whether they're in or out and they're going to have to stick with that. and sabin will need to use her new bicycle rather than having me chauffeur her from school to starbucks and back at her whim. (there will generally be a lot less whimming around here.)

as for the interwebs, i hope i'll spend less time on facebook and generally messing around online. i will still use pinterest to relax and as my sunday morning ritual. i expect to have more to blog about, rather than less and to expand my daily photo horizons beyond my own back yard. i'm looking forward to that. i will undoubtedly need this space more than ever to process what i'm thinking about all of the new input. 

so although things will change, i'm so much looking forward to those changes. i can't wait to be with people every day! new people, learning new things! getting new stimulus and input and having access to different sorts of creativity and creative types. i know it's going to give me so much energy and open up so many new synapses in my brain. it's very hard waiting for it to begin.

i'd like to say i've been using my time wisely, tidying up, getting caught up on laundry, making fabulous meals, sewing up a storm and creating all kinds of things. and to an extent, i have, but not nearly enough. i know i'll look back and think, "oh, i should really have written that novel while i had the time."

but there's some kind of paralysis that happens when you're waiting. you sort of shut down somehow and go into a kind of hibernation, preserving your strength until you need it. i hope i can come out of hibernation in the next week. i have a few things to finish up and a few things to get ready and i would like to make something with all of those beautiful supplies while i have the time.

* * *

must get some tiny people.
and photograph them.
like these.
only in my own way.


Ariadne said...

Change is good!AriadnefromGreece!

julochka said...

Ariadne - I couldn't agree more! :-)

Veronica Roth said...

Great! It's wonderful to have new horizons and the cats can just deal.

will said...

The Office Experience: Commuting, morning meeting, phone calls, memos, another meeting, brief lunch, vid or phone conference, check for messages and emails, check with techs and or legal council, check with clients/customer reps, quick phone call home, another meeting. More phone calls. Commuting. Dinner. A book. Bed.

Or something like that, at least in the US.

Spilling Ink said...

Good luck in your new job, we all know you will shine, but don't forget to break out of the office-slave habit now and then. It's too easy for everything to become one big stress routine. (I discovered two days ago that knitting is a superb antidote.)

Lost Star said...

Best of luck. I look back on my unemployed time and wonder why I didn't do so many of the things I had time too! Mostly read all those books I've got piled up over the years!

As for the cats, can you install a cat flap?

will said...

I forgot to mention - lunches are usually working lunches and, because it's tuff to get key people into important meetings, Friday 5pm is often the time for these meetings.

Then there are the phone calls while you commute. And calls with international team members, suppliers, vendors and clients, all of who live in different time zones, means your breakfasts and dinners are usually interrupted.

At least that's how I see it in the unlaided back US of A.