Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Great Love is....

~ staying up late arguing about discussing the muhammed cartoons because after five years, there's still something to discuss (and you think freedom of speech doesn't mean you HAVE to speak).

~ still sharing dreams after 12 years.

~ fighting off an overwhelming urge to kiss even tho' you're standing in a canteen full of 1500 people at work.

~ knowing which task is whose (laundry: mine, garden: his)

~ making one another laugh.

~ when your heart still skips a beat when you catch sight of him across the room.

~ horrible dreams of mangled plane wreckage when he's away.

~ ok, i have those dreams even when he's not away, and they're mostly about me, but i'm never hurt (tho' often strangely wearing rollerblades) so it's ok.

~ being one another's closest confidant.

~ him putting up with all of your whims.

~ you putting up with him putting away the dishes as if he doesn't live here (he never learns and frankly, you've got to remember to be grateful he puts them away at all).

~ late night discussions of evolution, sociology and political science.

~ funny text messages.

~ building something together (literally, out in the garden).

~ a shared history.

~ finishing one another's thoughts.

~ there still being surprises after 13 years (who knew husband took a photography class?)

~ not remembering precisely how many years it's been (12, 13, whatever).

what's Great Love in your world?


paris parfait said...

What a wonderful tribute to your relationship. Congrats on your anniversary!

Karen thisoldhouse2.com said...

All I can contribute to this is... you are so lucky to have it..and each other. :-)

heidikins said...

Great love is not having to take out the garbage. I aim low. Clearly. ;)

Happy Anniversary! This is a lovely post that I have probably sullied with my garbage comment.


Unknown said...

You've got a keeper.

Shokoofeh said...

It's a lovely post, dear one. :)

And about that cartoon thing, all I can remember is the ridiculous action from the government which forced confectioneries to change the name of a sweet called "Danish" to "Gol Mohammadi" which means Mohammad flower!!!

By the way, haven't you received the package yet?

mrs mediocrity said...

in two more days, 15 years for us, have been thinking about this myself these past few days, working on that post...
touching toes in the middle of the night...

Bee said...

Our anniversary was on Saturday and my husband didn't even get me a card! But then I think about how he constantly brings me gifts . . . from the latest Nigella cookbook to my Saturday morning cappuccino. Somewhere between the confidante-ness, the laughter, the ongoing lustfulness and the talking is the recipe for a great marriage.

stephanie said...

Great list! (Lists are fun.)

And to me great love is: knowing that someone knows me well enough and pays close enough attention to me that he knows what I want before I say it. Being completely freaked out over something and just telling him and getting a hug makes me feel a million times better. And it's is when he gets a haircut and I can't stop staring at him because he's so damn cute.

Char said...

happy anniversary

and frankly, if i had a great love it would be...well, great.

but..i've given up on it for me.

Molly said...

Great list - our anniversary was on Mon, 7 yrs married but 19 yrs together to be celebrated later this month. 19! And I'm only 25 or something ... :)
I totally get you about your heart still skipping a beat when he walks into the room - isn't it the BEST?

kristina said...

beautiful list! congratulations, a little late :-)

julochka said...

thank you everyone for your sweet comments...but it's not our anniversary...husband's just traveling and i was thinking about how much i miss him. absence apparently really does make the heart grow fonder. :-)