Thursday, January 27, 2011

cleaning frenzy

i've reached a point of idea overload. 
there's so much floating in my head that it's very hard to focus. 
so, i'm making a huge batch of clarity birds, 
hoping to encounter some clarity along the way. 

to quiet my mind from all these ideas.
to be able to just work on just a few of them.
and feel it's ok to leave the rest alone for now.

some of them will wait.
and get even better with age.

i just need to get down and DO something.

but first, a cleaning frenzy.
it's what i do.
when i can't do anything else.

* * *
don't forget the garland giveaway. i'll ask my lovely assistant to draw one lucky name tomorrow!


Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

hope it works! <3

Elizabeth said...

You sound like me.

Holly said...

cleaning is the same way for me.

Char said...

i need the cleaning bug - can you send it over?

Erin Wallace said...

I wish that I would get infected with the cleaning bug! I'd like to share yours with Char if you could arrange that.

chelsea said...

Great idea!

Nice blog!

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