Sunday, January 30, 2011

sunday evening happinesses...

small happinesses on a sunday evening...

~ the hum of the dryer tumbling the last load of laundry.

~ putting away the last of the clean dishes.

~ showers and tooth brushings and tuckings in of long-legged 10-year-old girls.

~ the smell of freshly-baked bread still hanging in the air.

~ the knowledge of a shining new week stretching ahead.

~ the good kind of tired that comes from a long walk in the sunny cold with husband in our very own forest.

~ a steaming mug of honey-sweetened milky tea.

~ fresh, clean sheets on all of the beds.

~ signing up for lessons in beekeeping.

~ daily writing and daily photography.

~ eye candy on etsy.

~ inviting some of that eye candy home.

~ this post over on the sustainable life blog.

what's making you happy this sunday evening?


One Woman's Thoughts said...

. . . reading your blog and appreciating the simple things.

Lost Star said...

Watching movies with my mum, reading of blogs and contemplating seeing my man tomorrow.

Elizabeth said...

holding my needle, listening to voices i love and ready your thoughts on a sunday night.

Feisty Crone said...

a clean bathroom, laundry caught up, and an almost clean oven (self-cleaning, even better).

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Knowing this week is over and I can start over Monday with a clean slate


will said...