Monday, January 17, 2011

flickr faves - LOVE

fave love
accidental love

1. Poladroid Letter L, 2. Accidental Letter "O", 3., 4. The letter E

flickr faves
from the postcards to blog camp group

1. 16/365 2010, 2. 16/365*2, 3. 16.365 light and shadow, late afternoon, 4. prater, berlin, 5. Fiore Olives, 6. Encapsulated

flickr faves
blue whimsy

1. 110113 Blue on Blue, 2. In Amaravati, 3. How many layers are we talking about?, 4. Some of My Favourite Things, 5. Snowblind, 6. More blue spools

flickr faves - handmade cute
a dose of cute

1. january 8, 2011 - magic in pink and green, 2. Earthuse Shoot-3, 3. Basket Case Quilt, 4. ooak289, 5. ✽ ᴥ ✽ ✽ ᴥ ✽ ✽ ᴥ ✽, 6. Humphrey, Hubert and Heffle

retro tones
shades of retro blue

1. Hi - Lo Motel & Cafe - Weed, California, 2. Turquoise Trailer, 3. Joy Of Cooking, 4. Shades of Blue and Green

* * *

don't forget to check out a sustainable life - the conversation is getting very interesting over there.


Elizabeth said...

So many beautiful pictures, a great way to start the week of right.

Karen said...

Love these collages! and those cupcakes!...I ran to the jacobob site to buy the little green guy and he was already sold :-( I'll keep looking.

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

Such loveliness. Just the visual treat I needed to start my day.

SH -ic said...

pretty good .. i would love to do with my flickr as well how does it work this mosaik.. lovely greetings from rainy germany

nacherluver said...

Yummy, yummy yummy yummy!

Char said...

i see several that i dig too

Deb said...

Oh, I'm inspired by your accidental Loves! Off to see if I can find some in my photos too! I'll let you know.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Fantastic collection of photos, colors and creativity. Thanks for sharing them.
cheers, jj

Deb said...

Come see my 'accidental and nature love collages' you inspirational genius Julochka!

Pia K said...

well thank you kindly for including my legs here:) and in such fine fine company! most of all i think i <3 all the colours, they do make my heart sing.