Wednesday, January 12, 2011


a Starbucks surprise
today's gonna be a good day, today's gonna be a good, good day....monday, tuesday, wednesday... (loosely adapted from the black eyed peas)

good things that happened today:

:: waking up from a really good night's sleep.

:: a surprise in the mail from the lovely tracy. she sent me this ceramic starbucks mug that looks just like the real take-away ones, but is reusable! thank you so much, tracy!!!

:: an energizing conversation with a friend and soon-to-be business partner. i am consistently amazed by the ways that we complement one another.

:: an invitation to sell handmade goods at a market in april!

:: another collaboration in the works with another friend - this one very near and dear to my heart (and which will potentially keep me on the straight and narrow where it concerns all of that consumerism).

:: at the grocery store, i ran into an old colleague and had a hug and a nice chat.

:: coming across these charming stories of travel.

just a small collection of things, but altogether, they added up to a very good and energizing day. it's good to be in flow, or maybe it was yesterday's wish?  or perhaps arianna huffington is right and it's all about a good night's sleep.


Anonymous said...

I love this!

My boyfriend and I were just talking about how wearying were our friends' posed Starbucks pics, and there you go and post a tasteful, sweet one. With the word ceramic in the caption. Way to turn everything on its head for me--a moment yes, of perfect clarity. Cheers! *Holds Starbucks cup out in a noninsipid manner*

Karen said...

Oh, for a good nights sleep. Those ceramic mugs are very popular around here, and they really keep your drink warm for a while.

Sarah said...

What a cool mug! I have only ever seen the generic plain white ones like that.

Good days are wonderful, aren't they? Especially on a Wednesday, they help you get through the rest of the week :)

Tee Hee, my WV is "humptle" which makes me think of humpty dumpty and being put all back together again. Like this good day coming after your meltdown post :)

Joanna Jenkins said...

You just can't beat a good night's sleep! Glad it was a great day.

Elizabeth said...

Great mug for your collection and sleep I can't get enough of it.