Tuesday, January 11, 2011


melting down
disclaimer: i have a knot in my back that just won't quit (i think it's from hunching over the sewing machine for a week) and it's making me generally out of sorts. especially as i'm a little alarmed at how much ibuprofen i've taken for it for the past few days and i'm trying not to take any today.  the items in this post may reflect this rather crabby out-of-sortsness. you have been warned.

* * *

i may have to do some unfriending on facebook. not because i can't take dissent (one might even say i thrive on it), but when the dissent is so ridiculously thick as to suggest that the new york times is a purveyor of "hate rheteric (sic)" simply because the person in question disagrees with their political leaning,  and apparently reason and intellect, that's a bit much for me. but mostly i might have to unfriend because i believe someone who is a teacher should be able to spell rhetoric.

* * *

and while we're on the subject of free speech(!), i can recommend this very well written blog post. and stay to check out betsy's blog - there's good stuff there about changing perspective.

* * *

thank you to lynne for her continued posting of the journey sea shepherd is making, protecting whales from japanese "research" (aka murderous whaling) vessels in the southern ocean. i'm riveted by these stories. lynne's son is onboard one of the vessels, but thanks to her links, i think i'm nearly as engaged in sea shepherd's crusade as she is.

* * *

[this whole section should be read with your teeth clenched.] i wonder if anyone in this house will ever put back the scissors in the kitchen drawer where they belong when they're finished using them in some far corner of the house. i tell you, if one day, i am at last driven over the edge, it will be because i can't find the friggin' scissors when i need them.

* * *

on another less ranty note, if you, like me, love japanese pattern books, here's some great advice on working with them if you, like me, don't know japanese.

* * *

these loose engrams are making me smile. in that knowing, wise way. but don't expect to be able to comment, you'll just have to nod to yourself.  and enjoy.

map inspiration
i am thinking about maps and topographies.
* * *

i'm doing a new 365 project and you can find it here on my new tumblr:
365 moments of perfect clarity

updated: apparently the blog hop thing below (which i've never tried before, nor even seen), is from a post a couple of weeks ago (started by jillsy, #1 on it - and should have been about balance). i saw it on lynne's blog and only read her post and the second to last person on the list before her, and balance had already dropped off (or else i simply didn't get it).  i think it's pretty funny, actually, because it's kinda like those games you played as a child, where you whisper something to your neighbor and send it around the circle and by the time it gets back to you, it's nothing like what you said. i think i rather like that about the blogosphere.


Elizabeth said...

hear you loud and clear that you suffer from getting too much links. still glad you liked the one of betsy.

try to relax your back with some light movement and stretching.

nacherluver said...

Ugh! That scissors thing. I totally get it. I look on my desk for the scissors or tape. Gone!!!! always. But you know what I can find on my desk? Toys, mittens, scraps, random stuff people place on their dumping ground, er... I mean... my desk.

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie! I got here through a visitor to my site and now I'm totally confused about your blog hop. You've seemed to have linked up to a blog hop that I had on my blog a couple of weeks ago. Please explain. Not that I mind or anything, I just don't understand. I think I'm going through a "moment of perfect un-clarity"! :-)

Anonymous said...

Okay..I've got it. Must be too early in the morning for my brain. I think it through me off because it's several days after the hop was at it's prime and your post didn't deal with the word balance. I visited the others who joined in as well and put 2 and 2 together. Thanks for linking up and join us again tomorrow for the word "Soar"!

Anonymous said...

yikes..."threw" not "through". See, it's too early!! :-)

celkalee said...

A little advice here. I suffer with more pains that I can describe. My way to deal with this neck pain, back pain (I am also a quilter, garment sewer, fabric artists etc.) without any pills is quite simple. Rice, as in heating pads. You can make one in about 20 minutes from a terrycloth hand towel. Let me know if you are interested. I swear by these, have for about 10 years. Understand the angst about the scissors. Death to anyone here who touches my stuff, ever!

will said...

Channeling ice ... how neat!

Sammi said...

I actually read that with clenched teeth. it made me smile!

everyone is entitled to their opinion, but it pisses me off when people call me out on my own facebook/ or blogger page!

Char said...

ahhh politics - the great polarizer, right?

did you do another tumblr or is that the same one? i need to remember my tumblr more often

Anonymous said...

love you project, found you via tumblr. my word for 2011 is clarity! i'll be checking back with you for more of those moments of clarity!

Anonymous said...

Made me smile too. Especially the observation about spelling. My husband's favourite word at the moment is 'chillax' - apparently young people say it all the time. I like it a lot.