Thursday, January 06, 2011

finished in four days

my finished in 4 days (including binding) whirlygig quilt!
there's the much-discussed fleece back.
it's not heavily quilted because of the fleece back. fleece doesn't need it.
an inviting little corner - too bad it's really about 3°C out here.
husband wants me to sell the quilt, but i just want to curl up with it!
isn't that robot super adorable? i got him for sabin in berlin.
i even tried my hand at a little free-form embroidery with my sewing machine.

now i'm just wondering what to make next. i'm thinking another quilt, this time in some mod michael miller blues & greens that i've been hoarding.


Lynne said...

sigh. If I didn't like you so much, I'd hate you for being so damn creative and efficient and generally good at stuff.

Karen said...

Love the vibrant hues and patterns - the photos are awesome too. If I wasn't on such a tight budget and still job searching I'de ask to buy it, just love it!

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Hello Julie

What can I say--I love it!!!!!!!
Are you going to make more and sell them on etsy?

Tracy :)

Barb said...

It's beautiful! You should keep it. :)

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

4 days. 4 days?! I'm all kinds of jealous right now. (I haven't been able to work yet this week).

It's gorrrrgeous. I vote keep it, snuggle, and take more wonderful photographs of it. The brightness in my reader was like a gift this morning against the grey Minnesota backdrop.

Char said...

love the bright colors and the fleece. i would have to snuggle too

Anonymous said...

This is so gorgeous...the quilt (which I want to make, and I don't even know what "heavily quilted" or not means), the sheepskins, the lowslung chairs, the 'bot, the Turkish literature...inspiring, I tell you!

Numinosity said...

Those colors are gorgeous and of course your creative photography shows it off wonderfully.
You're inspiring me to get this old yard sale treadle going one of these days!

xoxo Kim

Joanna Jenkins said...

Four days!?!?! You are fast. And it looks fabulous and cozy. The colors are especially inviting for the cold months-- all cheery and bright. Don't see it. ENJOY it.
xo jj
PS Love the Michael Miller blues!

Anonymous said...

I love it! It looks all warm and cuddly. Definitely bright and beautiful!


mrs mediocrity said...

that is so gorgeous, good for you!

Pia K said...

it's stunning and gorgeous and awesome, all the colours make me go mmmm...

i have a acquaintance who is some hotshotlongtimequilter in sweden. she and her husband are mad about the us, travel there several times per year (for work and fun) and she keeps bringing home suitcase after suitcase with fine fabrics (expensive here, not so much there obviously). since i'm not really that friendly (or patient) with sewing machine i'm always in awe of people who can whip together things like this.

you super-impressed me here.

Anonymous said...

It looks strangely at home out there in the snow... impressive work.

histreasure said...

4 days? quite impressive, i mst say though i'm not particularly surprised seeing as you are quite efficient and creative with things like this!!

it's really beautiful..lemme know if you'll be selling

Elspeth said...

This is So Awesome! I want to make one! I love the hearts!