Thursday, January 13, 2011

developing a thing about pink

1. I'm here. :), 2. what is to be is up to me, 3. Circle of Roses, 4. decorating our crib for the season, 5. Work in progress, 6. After Christmas, 7. Squidgum, 8. Best Bunny, 9. peace & love garland

do you think i might be developing an unhealthy interest in pink? or am i just looking for signs of spring?

* * *
loving the idea of this.


Irina Sazonova said...

I absolutely adore pink. And I'm not a very girlie girl or a Barbie slash Paris Hilton type, but I think pink is a nice color to look at, it's not irritating (unless it's of course extremely vivid) and it's a warm color that has the ability make something or sometimes someone look pretty or appealing.

I'm currently wearing my pink PJ's. :D And I'm aware that it's 12.30 in the afternoon.

Spring would be nice.

rayfamily said...

Thanks for posting the eco-quilt link! So happy to have found it! I have been gathering fabrics and doilies of my grandmothers to make a memory quilt and this will be a great help in piecing these bits together!

Deb said...

I've always loved pink. I love it even more as I get older. I'm embracing my pinkness.