Saturday, January 29, 2011

flea market fancy (no, not the fabric)

husband and i spent the day at a flea market with like-minded friends. bliss, i tell you, bliss. here's just the first round of what we saw...

stacks of beautiful vintage crochet.
husband rather unnecessarily cracked that it was from the time before everyone spent all of their time in front of the internet.
and by everyone, i suspect he means me.
i saw a guy walking away with this, but i don't know what he paid.
from when silverware mattered.
i had this odd grandma moment looking at this. i wanted the whole set.
happily, the same did not happen with these, but i like how they're displayed.
royal copenhagen
a bit of more modern scandinavian goodness.
more tomorrow....happy saturday!


Char said...

so which of these did you buy?

stephmabry said...

And now I want nothing more than to go to a flea market. Haven't been to one in ages. Like, more than 5 years. Hmmm.... Thanks, I think!? ;)

Andrea said...

What beautiful things!

Lynn said...

Gorgeous. I wish I knew how to display these types of things nicely. I have some beautiful flour sack towls, teacups of my grandmothers, and some crocheted odds and ends--and they're stored. Pity. Flea markets--the real kind like you're at and not just garage sales--are sometimes genuinely drool-worthy.

Cindy said...

Loved them all, love flea markets and antique sales. take care.

poet said...

I absolutely love flea markets, and especially vintage china sets. My two teapots are from a flea market, except they were also for free!