Friday, January 07, 2011

said the rooster to the hen...

said the rooster to the hen...damn, those lego people are ingenious!

it occurs to me...

~ that my child is growing up without peanut butter in her life. she will never, ever crave a peanut butter sandwich when she needs a moment of comfort.  she will probably turn to licorice instead. and i think that makes me a little bit sad.

~ our lake ghost could be a peat bog man, since our lake was created where they dug out peat for fuel.

~ a terabyte isn't really enough.

~ i could spend the day at the west coast, communing with the north sea all by myself, even tho' it's cold. 

~ the ultimate reality t.v. show for me would combine LA Ink and Toddlers & Tiaras in one train wreck of a show that would, once and for all, make me feel like the best parent on the planet. i give you - Toddlers & Tattoos.

~ a toyota aygo is really just a very small step above a golf cart.

~ not ALL of the TED talks are brilliant, but most of them are.

~ everything really is going to be all right.

* * *

happy weekend, one and all!


poet said...

Just read your lake ghost story in the other post... while ghosts are definitely scary, bog bodies are even more scary to me. I've been creeped out by them ever since I read a book about the Germanic tribes as a kid and stumbled over a picture of a bog body in there!


Lost Star said...

There is no peanut butter there? Really? Wow. I grew up on the stuff for both toast and sandwiches at lunch!

I watched some clips of Toddlers and Tiaras last night. I could not stop laughing, which I am not sure is the intended result. Either way, it certainly cheered me up.

And finally, have you watched the TED talk about the women with no legs who has built them etc. I cannot remember her name (and the guy is asleep so I cannot ask him) but if you can find it, it is well worth a look. She uses her legs as art in some cases, like ones carved from wood. Beautiful designs.

will said...

Whoa ... do I see caps?

nacherluver said...

adorable creations + amusing reflections = enjoyable post

Numinosity said...

Yes, It's funny in my travels noticing certain foods that are absent. Like marshmallows, popcorn and even the corn on the cob we served to some French guests. They were like "What is cob?"
I got a saucer of popcorn at a Belgium bar that had ten kernels in it with my beer!

The fusion show I came up with the other day would be "Trading Hoarders", good for us crafty types.

xoxo Kim

Molly said...

How have you managed to parent without peanut butter to stave off those chronic low blood sugar moments - yours and hers?!