Saturday, January 01, 2011

a sense of accomplishment

365:365 i made it!!!

i have to admit that i'm really proud of the 365 project i did in 2010 - i took at least one picture (and most days dozens) every single day in 2010. this is my final shot...and while i'm being honest, i'll admit that i didn't even see those plane trails in the sky when i took the shot. and yet they're somehow so symbolic of the year and the blog camp 365 flickr group. we came together from all directions and now, at the end of it, we leave in all directions. but i hope we'll come together again, on a little more relaxed basis, in the postcards to blog camp group - where you can check in when you'd like to send a postcard of your favorite shot and still experience a bit of the sense of community we had in our group.

a big thank you to all who persevered in 2010 and even to those who didn't (you were missed) - i loved every minute of it and every interaction. i learned to be more present in my life and to see the beauty around me every day. and i was so inspired by everyone else's photos. so if you're considering a 365 project - i can highly recommend it. in fact, i might not really be able to stop in 2011, tho' i am going to do a whole lot more film and a whole lot more fighting my urge to duplicate all those film shots with my digital camera.

happy new year, one and all. looking forward to seeing what 2011 brings...photographically and otherwise.

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inspiring right now:

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something i want to do in 2011:
be part of one of those quilt block swap groups (any takers?)

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thinking about:
what my personal bhavacakra might look like
(thanks bill)


rayfamily said...

I'm in for a quilt block swap! 2011, a year of swaps :)

nacherluver said...

Wow! What a powerful title for the last post of the year. Sounds as if you have had a very good and productive year overall to end with a word such as "accomplishment". I'm happy for you!

Wishing you a very happy new year.

Anonymous said...

I've loved your photos and look forward to seeing more. Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

thats one of the things i felt bad about not being able to finish... the 365. but well done to all of you who did it all!

happy 2011!

Char said...

i know how much work a 365 can be - so yes, be very proud of that accomplishment! :)

i look forward to the more from you and the film. i have a roll in my camera now to develop. it's an old roll from the summer. i wonder what i forgot that may be in that camera.

Elizabeth said...

this morning i saw that i was invited. a new year, a new start!!!!

Lorelei Potter said...

I really enjoyed "taking in" your photographs. You made me think: Wow there is so much beauty in this life. thank you!

Miss Footloose said...

Your photos have given me much pleasure and creative inspiration this last year, so thank you!

Wishing you a very happy, healthy and creative 2011!

Meri said...

Amazing dedication and follow through, my dear.

Feisty Crone said...

Happy 2011 from a lurker (mostly) who enjoys your photos every day.

kristina said...

yay for 365! I didn't succeed in taking a photo every day, but I still think I learnt a lot. congratulations to you! and such a gorgeous final shot!
ps word verification "epaygost" - the ghost of money lost on ebay?

Lost Star said...

I think one of my goals will be to learn how to quilt. As soon as I figure out how on earth to work my brand new sewing machine. I am having trouble even threading the thing right now!

Anonymous said...

lovelovelovelove your final shot - as i have said elsewhere. just wanted to let you know that i was touched at what you said about the whole 365 experience - i MAY have had over a bottle of red wine and hence been a little overly teary, but valid nonetheless, right?

kristine (in indonesia, or possibly montenegro)