Monday, January 24, 2011

feeding inspiration

you might have noticed i've been feeling rather inspired on the creative front of late. and while i don't know where it's coming from, i am doing all i can to feed it, as i'm desperately afraid it will leave me again. last night, before i went to sleep, i browsed flickr groups i'd long neglected, in search of eye candy and ideas - ideas for sabin's room, which we're redecorating and of course, for more quilts, since i seem to be on a roll with that.

i love to browse flickr on the iPad - as i can easily sit in a comfy chair or in bed and the screen is just a dream. it's pretty much the perfect size for viewing photos and the colors just pop. ok, this isn't an iPad ad, so let's get back to the inspiration. my favorite group for kids' room inspiration is called go to your room and this is what i found there:

feeding inspiration - kids' rooms
inspiration for sabin's room
clouds, garlands, butterflies and hearts, what more could a girl want?  quilts, that's what. and my go-to group for fresh, bright quilt inspiration is fresh modern quilts.

feeding inspiration - quilty goodness
quilty goodness
this practice of feeding inspiration to my brain before i sleep seems to be having a rather magical effect. i've been waking up every day with fully-formed pictures of what i want to do in my head.  i have to keep my iPhone and/or a notebook by the bedside, so i can scribble them down upon awaking, so as not to lose any of the ideas. it seems that my brain takes the images and synthesizes them into something that's my own. and, it gives me an energy buzz that means i can't wait to get out of bed and get stuck in.

the beauty is that my fabulous bloggy friends send me inspiration/temptations (camera porn, remodeling, weaving, maps) all the time as well, so i don't even have to find all of the beautiful things out there by myself. (a big thank you for that, even if it is, at times, hard on our bank account (ahem, kristina, i currently have the high bid on TWO lots of cameras, thanks to you, tho' there's still a lot of time left).)

what do you do to feed your inspiration, ephemeral beast that it is?

* * *

p.s. click on the mosaics to take you to my flickr, where there are links to all of the original posts!


Anonymous said...

The quilts mosaic is positively divine! Thank you for brightening a very grey Monday morning.

Karen said...

OH, I love these quilts..and the room ideas! My girl is 21 and no longer in need of my decorating assistance - how I miss those days.

nacherluver said...

Hmmm... to feed inspiration...

I surf blogs, attack the library, take a nature walk, or simply sit back and watch my children create from their center. So much can be learned from watching a child create. They do so out of vision, passion, the depth of their tiny little souls. They leave out all that adult stuff like negativity, fear, judgment. They simply create what they feel and wish to.

Elizabeth said...

In the way you describe it I only can say: Welcome in my world.
Just keep doing and the ideas keep coming.

Sammi said...

o0o I do love the clouds on the walls in the kids rooms bit. Sounds like your creativity has returned to you.