Saturday, January 01, 2011

1/1.11 - setting the stage

today i wanted to set the tone for 2011, but i also wanted it to be relaxed. i started it by lying around in bed reading a most charming little epistolary novel from 1912 - daddy long legs by jean webster. why doesn't anyone write epistolary novels anymore? (already, i digress.) i finished it, all too quickly and got up to stitch. sabin and i spent some time looking at the fun japanese-influenced designs of the folks at lesportsac and harajuku lovers and i decided to stitch one of the fifi lapin bunnies, just for fun.

after that, i finally broke into my stash of anna maria horner's innocent crush and using the wonderful new quilt book - fresh quilting - by malka dubrawsky that mom got me for christmas, i began a whirligig quilt.

since the sun was shining, we popped over to give some happy new year carrots to matilde and i managed to catch the neighbor's yearlings against the golden sunset. we walked down to the lake to check the ice, as it's been thawing for more than 24 hours now. our snow is gone and there was a thin layer of water on top of the ice on the lake (making it very, very slippery), but it's supposed to freeze again tonight so we'll be skating again in no time on a new, smooth surface.

the sun was gorgeous today, so i grabbed some shots of the latest windows husband has acquired...round ones that say 1934 and 1939 - aren't they great? i want to use them somehow in the garden house we're going to build.

last evening the wind was blowing fiercely so we didn't do our fireworks but we did manage to do them today, so i leave you with the fireworks of 1/1.11. doesn't that number seem somehow significant? (fireworks are really hard to photograph, by the way, so these aren't my best shots ever - tho' i did learn about the "bulb" setting on my camera, so i even pushed my photography in a new direction today, which was another goal.)

happy new year, one and all. may you keep your resolutions (if you make them).

and we won't mention the number of episodes of toddlers & tiaras sabin and i watched today, because that definitely wasn't part of the resolutions around here...


Elizabeth said...

oh those windows. the ones who decided how we view the world. the ones who are blinded by snow or rusted by the salty sea. the ones freshly painted and ready to let in the sunshine. the ones we choose to look through.

may your gardenhouse have all the magnificent windows that fit your hearts desire.

Magpie said...

Those windows are wonderful.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the windows! My mother was born in 1939. If I ever saw something like that, I'd have to buy it.

So glad I stopped by. I've tried a 365 photo shoot before and failed. This is my year. I have 18 minutes left to take that first shot. Thanks for the reminder. ;)


Joanna Jenkins said...

In addition to blue room envy, I not have round window envy too-- Those are fantastic and a great find.

So are your quilt fabrics-- It's gonna be beautiful.

Wishing you and your family a great 2011, Cheers, jj

Kristina said...

Oh, those windows are beautiful, they'll be perfect in a garden house! That horse shot is perfect, sigh :) Sounds like you had a perfect start into 2011 :)

Lynne said...

Lust. that is the only word that comes anywhere close to what I am feeling about your windows.

Sandra said...

Where does he find all these wonderful things?

I don't make resolutions, but I did this year. Whether I will keep them is another matter.

Great shots, btw.

Char said...

love the windows - love the fireworks - love the being laid back.

but i really must get out of my house today - i've cooked bean soup, blueberry muffins.

i must leave or acquire pajama jeans

julochka said...

sharon - my mom was born in 1939 too. dad was born in 33, so we're one off the 1934 window - but it was too beautiful not to snatch it up as well.

sandra - it's this marvelous thing called "det blå avis" - the blue paper (eBay owns it now), it's kind of a danish craig's list.

char - i say order up some pajama jeans.

laceybediz said...

Beautiful blog! So nice to meet you! I've added you to my google reader! Love the horse shot here!!

Happy New Year!


Sammi said...

I love your firework shots!!

I have a new resolution to add to my, I think 6, to read 52 books in 52 weeks! I won't have time to blog at the rate I am going with doing more things.

mrs mediocrity said...

i adore those windows. all our snow melted this weekend as well, but more is coming tonight.

i think you had a perfect day.

Marilynne said...

I love the old windows you are stockpiling. It will give your building some true history and interest.

kristina - no penny for them said...

a very happy new year to you and yours, julie! sounds like it started off wonderfully.

(and those windows...!)

Veronica Roth said...

It occurs that some of my favourite epistolary novels are the Griffin and Sabine books by Nick Bantock. Do you know them?
(love your blog)