Tuesday, June 10, 2008

checking in

hello dahlings...i'm so sorry that i've been absolute rubbish at posting the past few days. the weather is simply glorious and i cannot bring myself to sit inside at the computer. plus, i'm attending a workshop this first part of this week, so it's been a bit difficult to find any time to write. i am, however, filling my waves of inspiration notebook with ideas and snippets and hilarious stories and i will share them when i'm back home tomorrow. the forecast calls for rain...


Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

I've been missing you! And nowadays my computer room is so hot that I can't be in here for long, nor leave the machine on for long stretches so I don't get to the blog as frequently as I was doing. I'm glad you're having good weather.
I can't wait to hear your tales upon returning :)

Jaime said...

Total opposite situation here.
We are calling this month Junuary...unusually cold! The sun has disappeared.
I have a feeling spring has been completely bypassed, and we are going to suddenly find ourselves in summer.

See you soon :)