Wednesday, June 18, 2008

observations on a sunny afternoon in copenhagen

observed today in copenhagen while sitting in a café along gammel strand:
  1. sweet old american couple with the easy, understated elegance of retired academics, getting lattes before going on a canal tour.  
  2. sweden pretty much providing all of the wait staff in copenhagen.  malmö really is a suburb of copenhagen, thanks to the bridge.
  3. so many charming upright bikes with a front basket and pretty fenders.
  4. busy yellow buses
  5. everyone is on a mobile phone is some fashion--whether texting or talking.
  6. tourists sticking out due to their fashion:  spaniards with dark hair, scarves and totally different sunglasses. jutlanders with their sing-song danish and short leather jackets.
  7. trendy young men who have clearly spent hours and a fortune in hair wax/gel giving their hair that tousled bed-head look.
  8. middle-aged academics in unfashionable slightly too short sport coats.  they are no doubt politiken readers.
  9. lawyers (or perhaps shipping executives) in suits, striding purposefully towards a business lunch.
  10. the odd clothing of summer.  it's clear that summer is so short here that people replace their summer clothing more infrequently.

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