Thursday, June 12, 2008

of clogged brains and coping (or lack thereof)

there are so many things i haven't been doing of late:
  1. blogging
  2. dusting/vacuuming
  3. cooking
  4. laundry
  5. commenting on all my favorite blogs (i'm still reading them in sneaked moments, however i'm but a lurker at the moment)
but i blame this:

still no sink, no dishwasher, no floor, no refrigerator, no nuthin'!

floorboards stacked.  junk everywhere. and did i mention the dust?

living like this does something to clog your mind.  it inhibits you.  it fogs your thinking.

or is that just the junk food i'm eating since i can't cook?  too many pizzas and shawarmas.  and salty chicken from the chicken grill.  and too many fries.

this lack of kitchen, this was my CHANCE.  my chance to eat a raw diet.  to eat more salads.  to be healthier.  i was not supposed to eat a bunch of junk!!  of course, it's not too late.  i could still kick in and do something about it. especially in light of the fact that the end is NOWHERE IN SIGHT!!!!   and in fact, for dinner this evening, i did.  i made a big bowl of salady bits (arugula, kohlrabi, tomato, cucumber, yellow pepper, lettuce, artichoke), took 3 forks, went out to the table in the circle and ate this lovely salad in the evening sunshine with my family.  

maybe i feel sluggish because i haven't been eating right.  all that junk clogs your brain. you are, after all, what you eat.  so i am one giant pizza with shawarma on it at the moment.  this is not good.  

i want my kitchen back!!


Jaime said...

Despite the chaos, I love this kitchen space..I can so see the potential here!

I think it's the windows and the wide open space and the color on the walls.


julochka said...

it actually was a great space before we tore it all apart. and it WILL all be worth it, of that i am certain.

we worked hard to get that color..i think 7 different sample versions before we settled on it. but we're going to go with creamy white for awhile. we had the sahara yellow (as we called it, since we ended up inventing the color) for 7 years.

and progress is happening! i just may survive this yet!