Sunday, June 22, 2008

getting back on the proverbial horse...

after friday evening's outdoor cooking mishap, on the principle of getting right back on that horse that just bucked you off, i decided not to let too much time go by before cooking outdoors again (of course, with no kitchen, i haven't got much choice).  so, after a visit to the new fishmonger in town and stocking up on wood for the old outdoor stove i was in business.

large, plump scallops marinated in white wine, organic rapeseed oil, 
orange juice, a shaving of orange peel, fennel tops and fresh garlic were on the menu.

they sizzled away in the pan and were none the worse for having been on the ground because YES, i dropped them AGAIN!!  this time, before cooking, so they could be rinsed and a new marinade quickly whipped up. 

and the main course--red mullet filets slathered in pesto,
which i managed NOT to drop on the ground.

the scallops were served with toast drizzled in golden rapeseed oil.

and so i redeemed the catastrophe of the previous night.  the fish was served with a simple potato salad consisting of new potatoes with the skins on, fresh white new onions tossed in the same pesto as the fish.  and it was an unquestionable success. and made me feel a whole lot better. it almost make it ok, just for a few minutes, not to have a kitchen.


Barb said...

It's only breakfast time here in Canada but that looks absolutely "scrumptiliitious" ... not a word I know, but that how good it looks. B

Craftsman of light said...

Hi Julie,
Just dropped by to thankyou for your beautiful words.....but seeing the menu i think i'd kinda hang around.

i read your last post, .....hmmm, must come again to discover you.

Jaime said...

hehe...I'm glad it worked out for you this time.
Looks are quite the cook, even if the ground wants your food more than you do sometimes. ;)

Magpie said...

that stove is gorgeous! so nice that you're using it.

polona said...

ohhh... all this looks so yummy! :)
i love sea food

julochka said...

thank you everyone for stopping by to see my weekend cooking experiments. :-) i do love that little old stove--it probably once stood in an apartment in copenhagen. we are going to put a proper chimney on it and have it in somewhere in the garden for continued outdoor cooking experiments once the building project is finished. :-) for now, it's standing under one of the half-finished roofs so that i can cook while it's raining. which it does quite a lot in denmark during the summer.