Tuesday, June 24, 2008

and now for something completely different

while perusing various blogs this morning, i came across this very interesting graphical depiction of coastlines on marinebuzz:

not only is it artful, it's also quite interesting. there were, for me at least, some surprises. like that norway has the second largest coastline after canada. since greenland is officially part of denmark, it would make denmark almost a close 3rd, as it is, denmark's little green dot is pretty significant, when you consider it's about equal to india. i guess all those islands make for a lot of coastline. if you want to see a bit more detail on all the countries that are just colorful dots, click here. i think i may actually print this and put it on my inspiration board.


Jaime said...

Canada wins!!!
wooo hoooo!!!!


No wonder I love the ocean so much. I can't escape it.

julochka said...

i thought you would appreciate that. :-) and you win by a long shot!

on the site where i found this, he mentioned that size of coastline has no correlation with size of navy. :-) why isn't canada protecting all that coastline? :-) i think the canadian navy was #15!

Magpie said...

Fascinating. And beautiful. I love that kind of creative graphing.

Jaime said...

I feel so deflated now.